Anyone out there with Acid Reflux/Gastritis?

  1. Over the past few weeks I've been dealing with stomach pain issues and, at this point, my doctor has diagnosed me with acid reflux or gastritis.

    I've had an ultrasound of my gallbladder, pancreas, liver and kidneys, as well as blood work, all of which came back normal. I've been on Prilosec OTC for nearly a week and I am still having these horrible stomach pains that feel like a gnawing/burning type pain. The pain doesn't seem to be affected by what I eat, how much I eat or how often I eat.

    I talked with my doctor this morning and she said that she was going to switch me to Prevacid and would like to wait a week or two to see if the pain subsides. If not, she'll send me to a GI specialist for an upper GI endoscopy (or something like that).

    Do any of you have similar symptoms or has anyone been diagnosed with acid reflux or gastritis? I'd love to hear from you to find out what helps you!

    Thank so much! :flowers:
  2. i've had similar stomach problems since i was 13 years old. but unlike yours, mine are usually directly related to either stress in my life or what i've eaten.

    i took prescription zantac the first (and worst) time it flared up when i was 13. i also had an upper GI endoscopy to check for ulcers. now it happens pretty infrequently, so i just take handfuls of tums. i eat them like candy until the pain goes away. yes, i know that's not healthy, but it works and it's cheap. :smile:

    if i know i've been under stress, i try not to chew gum or hard candy (it stimulates acid production) or drink more than one cup of coffee a day. some types of alcohol, spicy foods and overly greasy foods always irritate my stomach for days afterward, so i try to avoid those as well. sometimes if i eat some bread and a glass of milk the pain will subside a little.

    i hope you feel better soon! stomach problems are the worst.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply! Wow, I had never even considered what you said about hard candy and chewing gum. I wouldn't have thought of that and I really appreciate you bringing that up. :yes:
  4. Oh boy have I ever! I was diagnosed with GERD (or acid reflux) a few years into my current job. I'm not sure if the constant stress triggered it or what. But it started out as pain in my upper chest and got *progressively* worse over a few months. It got *SO* intensely bad a few times that my husband rushed me to the hospital. It felt like someone was ripping my chest open. :sad: My doctor immediately put me on Nexium and that worked like a charm! I did go through a few tests to diagnose what I had. I did have the upper GI done so they could see if I had an ulcer, which I did not have. I also had an odd test done to determine how quickly my stomace digests food (I had to bring in a dry scrambled egg sandwich and they put some sort of radioactive substance in it - after I ate it, they took a continual x-ray of my digestive tract and stomach). Found out that food stays in my stomach a LOT longer than normal, which is why I feel full for long after each of my meals.

    It took me a *LONG* time to realize that when I get an acid reflux attack, I can NOT lay down. I actually have to sit up or what I usually do is start pacing back and forth and just rub my stomach. It helps a lot. But with the Nexium, I haven't had an attack in about a year or so. I've also been trying to lose weight and have been watching my diet a lot. It's all helped tremendously. My doctor has told me repeatedly to avoid certain foods - any tomato based foods, or anything with acid in it. I've been getting the low acid orange juice and really like that.

    But overall I'm a total believer of the Nexium. It works WONDERS!! :yes:

    Hope all that *long* message helps! LOL ;)
  5. Yes. My husband. He has had untreated acid reflux for so many years (just thinking it was heart burn) we finally got him to a docter that did an indoscopy and found he has Barrets disease. He now has to have a scope every year and is on prevacid 2 times a day every day from here on out. He also has a hiatel hernia (sp?) that was causing his reflux to be just awful. Im telling you they will be able to help you incredibly after you have your scope. Not to worry its a short procedure and you dont feel a thing.
    Good luck to you.
  6. Forgot to add – I’ve always also got Maalox tabs/liquid on hand, as well as Tagament pills. I take the Tagament when I know I’ll be having spicy foods (I LOVE Mexican food!!). If I feel a flare up starting, I drink the Maalox like water. All that together with the Nexium does help.

    Honestly though, I’d be surprised if the Nexium doesn’t work for you. It’s really a great medication. I know you can get a free trial of it from your doctor to see if it works for you. It needs to be in your system for a couple days though, before it will start working. That’s why my doctor tells me to not stop it, because if you do, it’ll leave your system and takes a bit to get back *into* your system when you start it again. I just take it daily and I'm good to go. Hm now I’m just babbling I think. LOL Sorry!
  7. My mother had that. She tried several diff Rx, including Prilosec and others. She had to sleep with 3 pillows to keep her upper body propped up.

    Then she moved to a new town and changed doctors.

    The new doc immediately set her up for surgery. Turns out she had a hernia in her intestine. She was in the hospital 3 days. Tylenol was all the pain killer she needed, even during recovery at the hospital.

    She hasn't had a problem since. No more Rx. She tries to avoid highly acidic foods but that's all.

    Good luck!
  8. Lots of good advice! In addition, in case you enjoy an after work cocktail... alcohol can really agrivate your stomach as well. I havent given up my wine but I darn well have crackers and a tagemet ,if dinner will be much delayed!
  9. Thank you, all, for such wonderful information. This helps me so much! I've printed out this thread so I can keep looking back at it because I know that I will. I really can't thank you enough!
  10. I'm thirty. I first remember feeling the symptoms of acid reflux at 12. So for almost twenty years I've been dealing with this. My symptoms are as follows: if I haven't had anything to eat or drink in awhile, like an hour, I get a burning feeling in my chest/esophagus. If I eat or drink a beverage the pain goes away. If I eat nothing or drink water, the pain gets worse. I've dealt with this every single day since I was in junior high school.

    I didn't see a doctor about this until about twelve years ago. I got my first endoscopy and it was normal. The gastroenterologist (sp) put me on medication, but it didn't work. He also suggested that I get an endo every five years so that we can keep a look out for Barrett's Esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition caused by acid reflux. The doctor also told me that I had a hiatal hernia which could only be remedied through surgery--which I eventually decided not to have (the side effects sounded horrible). Because the meds didn't alleviate my symptoms, I discontinued taking it. My first endoscopy was in 1996, if I remember correctly, and I had another in June or July of 2000. That one also came back normal. More medicine was prescribed. I tried it. It didn't work. So to alleviate my symptoms I just ate when I felt the burn (or I drank something) and slept sleeping up when I needed to, elevated the head of my bed, etc.

    I had another endoscopy in December of last year. I put off having it for more than five years because I just KNEW that with constant heartburn I had some damage and I didn't want to hear any bad news. But this one was normal, too, which I couldn't believe. No damage to my insides from the acid reflux. My doctor (who's performed all three endoscopies) has now termed it "non-erosive esophagitis." He's prescribed me new medicines, because the previous ones didn't work. I've tried Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, and a bunch of other meds that don't start with "P." (The Nexium didn't work either!) Of course there's always the chance of Barrett's developing, which is why he continues to recommend that I get screened every five years, but with medicines that can control symptoms the risk of serious complications decrease.

    What I can say to anyone who has been recently diagnosed is to keep trying medicines and techniques reccommended by your physician. I've found that if I modify my diet then my symptoms sometimes actually decrease. Also, although each person is different, you want to get screened but don't worry too much about pre-cancerous conditions. I managed to not contract Barrett's after almost twenty years of constant acid reflux, so anyone starting treatment sooner has a much lower risk of developing it.

    Good luck, and I hope you find a treatment method that works for you!
  11. My DH has acid reflux and he found the drinking psylium husks helped. You can get this in any health food store.
  12. I have Acid Refulx/Gastritis, I was diagnosed a couple of months ago(I know im young to have it). I had a endoscopy done,and it showed the inflamation. I took Prevacid (Didnt work),and now im using PROTONIX,and it works very well.
  13. Same here. I find in my case the following foods make me feel bad:

    1. Tomatoes. Pasta sauce, combinations of tomatoes and vinegar.

    2. Barbeque sauce. Terrible. I don't know what's in it, but guaranteed to cause an attack

    3. Full fat milk or yogurt.

    4. Orange juice /oranges
  14. Same here! SOY MILK makes me VERY SICK. A couple months ago I went over my aunts for the afternoon,she served me coffee with SOYMILK...I got very sick,I was lying down for hours,and throwing up..and it was the day before the WORST day in my calender SAT!,I did horrible that day...lets just say I didnt break 1000 :crybaby:
  15. Ok as from all my posts in the section of TPF you may guess I'm all about the herbal approach so here are some suggestions (of course ask a doc if you are taking prescription meds too)

    Aloe Vera juice - very soothing for the digestive tract
    Replace Coffee as it will aggreviate it either use dandelion coffee or another alternative that doesn't contain caffiene
    Slippery Elm - will protect the membranes of the oesophogus which will reduce the burning sensation
    Papin or Bromelain forund in papaya & pineapples help digest proteins so that your stomach doesn't need to work so hard to digest foods i.e less acid less reflux