Anyone out there own both the speedy 30 and 35...

  1. I have the 30 so, would getting the 35 be overkill....I love the bigger bag look...anyone own more than one mono speedy or is that plain silly...get something different...thanks
  2. i have the 25 and my mom has the 35. i wore her bag for a couple of weeks...

    for me, 25's too small and 35 was a little too big.
  3. I have a 25 and a 30!
  4. ME! ME! I have both! :yes: I just got the 35 (also have the 30 in Mono) and really like it. This was my 7th Speedy, I :heart: them and think they're a classic, so I don't mind having so many. I say go for it! :graucho:
  5. I have a 25 and would consider getting the 30. I would love to have both.
  6. I have both, prefer the 35.
  7. i have a 25, a 30 and a 35. the 25 was too small for me, my 30 i had to retire, it is like 15 years old and begged for rest, lol! i got the 35 in november and i'm in love! i carry it almost everyday, it's perfect.
  8. I have a 30 and a 40. They're very different in size, so it doesn't feel like I have 2 of the same bag
  9. I have 25 and 30 and thinking about to get a 35 as a little travel bag, or shall I go for the 40?
  10. I'm really trying to decide on this issue myself...I already have the mono 30 and damier 30, but for some reason I want the 35 also.

  11. Me too!!! I have the same ones you have plus a Damier 25 and now I'm thinking Mono 35! I wish I could sell my Damier 25 - it's cute but too small for me... one of these days I will get organized and try selling on eBay but I'm kinda scared to do eBay... oh well!!! I'll dream about the Mono 35 for now!
  12. Can you show us a modeling pic of the 35
  13. I got Speedy size 25 and 30. I think size 35 is too big for me.
  14. I have a 25 and a 35 and a MC 30...
  15. I had the Mono Speedy 25, 30 and 35. The 35 was way too big for me. I ended up selling all three - missed having a Speedy so much that I bought a Damier 25. :wlae:

    Not overkill but you may find yourself wanting other styles, KWIM? ;)