anyone out there have a b-bag mini-classique?!?!

  1. i've never seen one IRL & wanted to know what you gals think about it (?) :tender:
  2. I've had four beautiful minis pass through my hands. Quite petite and not really for me, but that hasn't stopped my impluse buying in the past! I have a few pictures of me carrying an 04 lilac in the wearing your bag thread. I also have a few other pictures of the bags itself if you'd like to see those as well. :flowers:
  3. I bought one from JDY but has let go of it as well because it is just a little bit too small for me.
  4. I think it's adorable, but it's more like a taste of Balenciaga instead of a big ol' bite (like a city or a twiggy)!

    I hope that makes sense!
  5. I bought one from a member when the MP was open to everyone. I use it all the time and I love it! It is perfect for me cuz I only carry a wallet, keys, lip gloss and cell phone and it all fits with room to spare in case I need to carry something else that day. I wish there was a way I could find them. BNY is no longer making them.
  6. wow, i had no idea that style was discontinued (?) :wtf:...thanks so much for all your help gals...i've checked out jdy324's lilac photos too :tender:
  7. I have 4: marigold/yellow, anis, rose and jdy's lilac. I also have one mini twiggy (the smaller size) in teal. They are a little small but fits all I need to carry with me: wallet, phone, keys, lip gloss. I use them for really casual occasions. I wish they were still being made, but I think the style is better suited to the pretty colours of 04 and 05, rather than the more recent "serious" colours. Anyway, I probably should stop buying them now!

    If you are interested in getting one, Cricket Liverpool has the marigold/yellow and anis. I got my yellow from them.
  8. thanks Roxane, i actually BIN'd a BNWT black mini on e-bay tonight :yahoo:
  9. Wow Roxane, that's quite a lovely collection of minis...I'd love to see pictures of the whole family!