anyone out there crazy enough getting the griet

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  1. I went to the 57th store today in nyc and saw the Griet. I am in love. this bag i beleive will stand the test of time. when i am 80 years old,this bag would still be in style. my griet would be in one hand and my adult diapers in the other. :heart:
  2. LOL You are funny! I haven't seen the Griet IRL and I sure don't want to. After seeing the bordeaux Mirage Speedy this morning, I definitely wanted to take it home with me right then and there so I'm afraid I would want the Griet too and my husband would surely think I went insane. I have to develop tunnel vision by September 15th release date so I can get out of LV with just one Mirage bag.
  3. I saw the Griet and agree that it is absolutely gorgeous! I, too, was tempted to get this instead of my Speedy, but the price tag on the Griet is keeping me focused on the Speedy!
  4. Get it get it! And post pictures.. You will love it, and maybe by the time you're 80 LV will produce matching diapers! :yahoo:
  5. Did I miss something? What's the Griet?
    (Btw it feels really silly to say this, Griet means 'chick' in Dutch :p)
  6. griet is BEAUTIFUL. i was playing with the exotic bordeaux when the trunk show was a 5th ave. too big for me but extremely beautiful none the less. and then i saw a non exotic black one at 5th ave yesterday. pretty but of course exotic bordeaux :drool:
  7. well i'm not crazy but i'm sure getting one!:yahoo:
  8. Why would you call anyone who is getting the Griet "crazy"?
    If a person can afford it, and enjoys nice limited edition bags,
    it doesn't justify you calling them crazy.

    Perhaps you think the price is crazy.
    That's YOUR opinion, to someone else, it could be many months of saving up., or just another bag.
    But don't label someone for liking something you may not.
  9. ^^ I'm not sure you interpreted the OP correctly Travelbliss. That's what I thought when I first read the title too, but it sounds like she is planning/wants to get the bag? I'm not sure.

    Anyway, savvygirl you should get the Griet, you sound totally in :heart: with it!
  10. get it get it(well then again if your getting the exotic then you are in another world). i prefer the griet to the speedy and i do think its a bag i could still carry in forty years. i don't know if its just me but i don't really see myself carrying a speedy when i'm middle aged(just my opinion). i love LE bags but i always see myself going for the LE speedy's for financial reasons and then i look at my my bags such as the dentelle speedy and think(i won't wear you in ten years) and then i feel like it was a waste. i'm going to go that extra mile this time and get the griet, its about the same price as my mizi vienna and my vienna will grow old with me
  11. I love the Griet! I can't afford it right now, (heck I really can't afford the speedy either), so I will be getting the speedy instead. But the griet is a stunning bag and if you have the money, I say go for it! But......then you have to post lots of pics..:tup:

    (BTW...I am middle aged and I can sooooo see myself with the speedy)
  12. I've only seen the Griet in pics and along with the Sac Plat that's not being produced, it is the only piece I like from the Mirage line. Unfortunately though, I could not justify putting out $3000+ for a single bag that's not Suhali leather...and I doubt my little little LV counter will get one anyway :sweatdrop:
  13. Em.. I saw the bag .. is way too heavy for me .. is pretty though .. if u are in love with it .. u should get it :smile: It will worth every penny as long as u love it :smile:
  14. i don't think the OP meant it in an insulting way :smile: i think she actually wants to get one. i read it as like being crazy in a fun addicted way.
  15. I am not crazy, but I am getting one!!! I can't wait to pick mine up when I get to Dallas next weekend. I am first or second on the list. I have not seen it IRL yet. Savvygirl, can you tell me more about it. I was really not hoping for it to be huge since I am am really petite. But when I first saw the bag (in the lookbook) I knew it was love at first