Anyone out there a Paddington Bear Fan?

  1. I have loved Paddington Bear for soooo long....

    I have a re-creation by JW Wright with custom suitcase in leather with Marmalade and Aunt Lucy picture with Peru Money inside!!!!! It was like a dream come true...I also collect some of the Video.....

    It is one of those makers to my childhood.....his situation and mine were alot alike and I used to write letter to him thinking that he knew just how I felt....

    its so bad that I make my son watch the Videos with me....

    Do you guys remember this cute Bear? Pls share your stories with me!!!:smile:
  2. Darkest Peru! I have loved Peru ever since I was a little girl just because of Paddington Bear. Whenever I had to do a paper on a Spanish speaking country in grammar & high school, I always chose Peru. Same with marmalade & duffle coats, whenever I see them, I have flashbacks to my childhood.
  3. I love Paddington Bear! I used to sit in the library and read his books. What about the Berenstain Bears!? Does anyone remember them?
  4. I won a coloring contest when I was younger and the prizes were a gigantic Paddington Bear and little one too. I still have them. Geez, that was back in the early 80's.
  5. I love Paddington Bear! When I was in London, I remember wanting to buy a little one, but even the little ones were 7 pounds. I had to settle for a photograph of a big one in front of a teddy bear store in Bath.

    I remember the Barentstein Bears. They always taught kids to be goody goodies. But I have to admit I had Visit the Dentist, Too Much Junk Food, Get the Gimmes, The In-Crowd, The Sitter and I think The Messy Room. Then we borrowed others from the library.

    The newer ones are interesting. The one where Sister says a curse word at the dinner table because she heard it on tv? It was called The Big Blooper. I saw it at Barnes & Noble and I picked it up and read it because I thought, "What exactly did she SAY?"

    Oh my GOD! My dad swore in front of me when I was younger - mostly damn, the s-bomb, GD and JC but never the f-bomb - and I turned out all right!
  6. The best dog I have ever owned looked like a bear, and I named him Paddington Bear. Then everybody started giving me different things with Paddington on it. I think if it was made with a Paddington on it, I have it. Now my children have my Paddington things.
  7. Remember Courdoroy? (The teddy bear with the missing button on his overalls left in a department store?)
  8. One of my dreams is to go to London to take a picture with the Bronze figure at the actual Paddington Station...

    Anyone out there in London? Do they still sell Paddington stuff? I know about the website but any stores that I can reach from here?:smile:
  9. Well, there was that teddy bear store in Bath. And a lot of the souvenir shops had Paddington stuff.
  10. I love Paddington bears. I have a couple that are limited Edition. Bought them while I was in london. Hoping to use them when I decorate a babies nursery someday soon.
  11. That would be SO cute! I always thought that when I adopt a baby, I'd like their nursery to be decorated in vintage Winnie the Pooh.
    But Paddington is adorable, too! (And something I never thought of before!)
  12. Awwww, that would be precious!!!! That would be very special!!!!:yes:
  13. Thank you for the info! :yes:
  14. I love Paddington Bear. He was one of my favourite childhood bear characters, next to Winnie the Pooh :heart: