anyone out here a fan of pebble leather ergo

  1. i just found out from my SA it will be out this friday. anyone liking it?
  2. anyone???
  3. I like pebbled leather period!
  4. I really can't comment until I see the bag. There are beautiful pebbled leathers and some are not so hot. Do you know what colors will be available?
  5. black, white , and bamboo which is more like a camel
  6. I have the black pebbled leather tote. I love it!

    Pics attached! I just got it last week.
    Pebble 1.jpg Pebble 2.jpg Pebble 3.jpg
  7. very nice! Thanks for posting! I will probably end up getting one of these....
  8. thanks dear for the pics. do they have any matching wristlets too?
  9. Other than my Bleeker all my bags are it, easy to care for.
  10. I have seen the bags ... they are out in Vegas!!! They are beautiful! I assume there is a pebbled tote in my future.