Anyone ordered RM from Lable360?

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  1. I remember seeing some of the girls that ordered from label360. I really need your help. I have $480 store credit with them that I was going to use towards a devote tote. But I think they ran out of business.. website not working, and email came back with error message.. I know they take pre-orders on RM bags, and want to see if any of you have pre-order with them.

    If anyone have their contact info or know more about what is going on, please post here.. TIA!!
  2. Yikes! I had one experience with them and never went back. They charged me for an item that they didn't have, then took a loooong time to return my money.

    I would immediately get busy. How old is the store credit? Is it possible to engage your credit card company and reverse charges? Call some local/online business resources immediately. If they are bankrupt or out of business you may have trouble.
  3. I just file a dispute with my CC.. we will see what happen.
  4. Yep looks like they are out of business. Good luck getting you money back!! Thanks for reminding me to use my store credits!!!
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  6. The Grechen's Closet site may know, Label 360 was one of their sponsor sites. A lot of online shops seem to be going under.
    Ivy, I really hope you get your money back.
  7. Thanks! Is Grechen a TPFer? Anyone has her info? I had so much bad luck recently.. bought things from someone on craigslist and only got part of my money back after a month... still over 1K outstanding... now this label360 thing....OMG.. maybe it is a sign that I need to stop buying handbags...
  8. I normally always get emails from Label360 abotu their sales. I have purchased a lot of RM's from them... you may want to try to contact

    She was one of my SA's and was always very helpful.

    Hope you get your money back!
  9. No it's a shopping site you may be able to email them & see what the deal is with Label 360. I notice Label 360 is still listed on their site. Maybe they have some contact info. I hope your CC can refund you. That's horrible about Craigslist, too.:tdown:
  10. Grechen is a TPFer. Her user name is grechenscloset and she posts in the Deals & Steals thread from time to time. So sorry this happened to you. Good luck!
  11. The site is a bit sketchy... when i search for RM nearly 20000 hits come up, and they are all from different sites that sell RM... shopbop revolve etc
  12. the shop famous site didn't come up before.. it is new. I can't seem to find the site's contact information. I was able to get several phone numbers for lable 360. But of course, no one answers to those numbers...: (

    I am wailting to see whether my CC can help me, if not, I might just file a claim with the small court etc. we will see... I dont think they (she - the owner seems to be a lady in her 30s) can just get away with this..
  13. That stinks Ivy. Sorry this happened.
  14. Hello, sorry to hear your trouble, I had same kind of experience with Label360.

    In my case, it was too late to get my money back from credit card company. Label360 took my money when I placed an order and they kept telling me the items were coming, so I was waiting for it for a while. I couldn't wait for it any longer so I asked them to give my money back and they told me that it would take a couple of weeks. And then I had a trouble to contact them... I shouldn't have been patient and nice to them!

    I filed the report at the police in Scottsdale.
    I have been finding the people who had same problems online, it's obvious they kept taking orders even they were having troubles to sell the items.
    I think everyone who had same problems should file the report, it helps to catch them and keep them away from online business.