Anyone ordered from New Zealand?

  1. Our dollar goes twice as far there. But do they adjust the price to remain the same as other boutiques? Just curious :idea:
  2. :shrugs: No one? Guess I'll check this one out myself and report back:heart:
  3. It's not cheaper in NZ (I think the Duomo was just over NZ$2,100 but I forget), but you do get the GST (12.5%) back. To claim back the GST, you have to have your plane ticket (and your passport?) on you, and you can't have the item, until you are in the departure lounge. You will have to collect it from a collection point in the lounge. There are two LV stores in Auckland, both in the CBD. The main one is on central Queen Street and the other one is in the DFS Galleria building on Custom Street.
  4. Big help! Thanks for the info.
  5. artgirl - are you coming to New Zealand???
  6. No - not yet. Just thought about ordering LV from there. DH and I thought about London or NZ next year. Would love to come. Heard from DH's boss it was bautiful. Boss is soooo well traveled and raved about NZ! I should have had him pick me up some stuff while he was there, though.
  7. NZ is awesome...beautiful place!
    You should stop by Australia too if you come lol!!!
  8. i would like to get a LV from Christchurch as i will be heading there soon. i know that there is a little LV boutique downtown so i am not sure if they would carry the latest bags. i supposed after the tax rebate, it is still not reasonable to buy LV?
  9. If you're going to be in Christchurch, ask for Katherine in the LV store. She's the assistant manager, and is a complete sweetie!!! The LV boutique in ChCh has moved and expanded, so there's more stuff in there now. I'm planning to check it out with my sis next weekened, when we're both down in ChCh. You can call or e-mail them to see if they have the bags you want to check out.

    Completely OT, but my sis signed up today. Hey there birkingal!!!
  10. LV in Christchurch is bigger now? can't wait to visit it coz i remember that there is a Duty Free store near the old location. my other thing on my list is to buy Bluebird Chicken chips as well, i love these chips!
  11. hehehe....hi cili_padi and Sam (the avatar)!! This is my very first post! Fancy meeting my own sister in a forum :smile: