Anyone ordered from Delivery?

  1. I placed an order on the LV website yesterday and was wondering how roughly how long it will take to arrive? The website says 2-3 days but I haven't had a dispatch email or anything so just wondering if it gonna take longer? What are ur experiences? :confused1:

    I just can't wait to get my order:yahoo:
  2. I would like to know also! Congrats on your purchase, what did you get?
  3. I got a pouchette in mono and a damier agenda in ebene, very excited! Have u ordered or thinking about it?
  4. They are VERY fast. I ordered my speedy on a sunday (I believe) and it got her by the tuesday. I checked the order number and it said it came overnight from paris. I'm sure your order will be fast too :smile:
  5. hmm If you placed the order on sunday than it should get to you by wednesday...
  6. It's about 3 days it comes from Paris via Fedex

    The first time I got a dispatch email the second I didn't what I didn't like is that Fedex had left it with my neighbour and not put a card in my door so I was checking the ref number online it said delivered I didn't have it
  7. LV just now started selling on the website to the US. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I want the mirage bandeau! I keep checking to see if they have one back in stock!
  8. I also want a online LV shop.... :sad:
  9. Does anyone know where they will and will not post to? I imagine Australia misses out? :sad:
  10. I just placed my first order with them online. I bought the Degrade bordeux bandeau. I have no idea how long shipping takes though. Can't wait to get it. I'm so happy we can order from them now, how exciting!!:yahoo:
  11. Label Addict, I know exactly what you mean. They have left a number of things with neighbours for me as well. On one ocassion that this happened, I was talking to my neighbour when I went to collect the item from him, and he said he was coming out of his house and the delivery man saw him and just said can you pass this on to next door. My neighbour didn't mind passing it on, but neither did he offer. Oh well, sorry about that little rant.

    They are usually really prompt with delivery though. It should come within 2-3 days as stated. Sometimes for me if I've placed the order early morning on a working day, it can arrive the next day. I think delivery is even more prompt if the order is processed over the phone. Thats in my experience anyway, hope I helped.
  12. They are super duper quick! One of the best services my friend in the UK says she works with.

    She ordered a MC Rita, recieved it in just 2 days. Including the morning she bought it.

    Gah, I just love Vuitton. Im such a little child!
  13. Hi everyone,
    I would like to know the difference between ordering from and from eluxury?
    i am clueless abt it but i guess there must be some kinda reasons for people ordering directly from
  14. Some harder to get items have been showing up on and not eluxury. Elux only charges tax in a few states, California being one of them. I'm not sure if charges tax in all states though. Some prices are lower right now on too. If you are interested in buying, I would definately price on both sites before ordering. Also, sometimes elux has a free shipping promotion. The LV site charges $12.
  15. thank you cpster!
    so now, i finally get it =)