anyone ordered from koh samui- help.

  1. my crazy hubby... he took a message from SA at koh samui regarding my apple green first. they shipped out the bag today and gave him a tracking number. he didn't ask which shipping company.:blink: anyone ordered from them before able to tell me? can't call them right now... it's only like 4 or 5am over there in london.
  2. Oh boy:hrmm: Maybe if it was sent fedex or ups or any other, you can go on thier website and just type in the number and it just may come up. Good luck. Congratulations on your apple green, I would love one too:love:
  3. hi esile sorry i know that his nothing to do with your question but would just like to ask, when you purchase from koh would it come out the same price as US ? i read from one of the threads that they have the magenta first i wanted to get one
  4. kaka, after VAT... it came out to be the same. have them mark it as a gift on the package then you won't have to pay customs/duty.;)

    i called them this morning and they use TNT.
    so, my package is on its way!:yahoo:
  5. YAY, esile! please post pics when you get her!!!!!