anyone order resort stuff yet/plan to soon?

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  1. dish!
    what have you girls pounced on already?
  2. as for me I have my eyes on that keychain with the umbrellas..
  3. Nothing... :/
    Losing my part time job sucked the life out of my obsession... doesn't help that nobody in my life approves of said fetish either. :sad:
  4. I agree... the keychain with the umbrellas is too cute! And the embossed white Hampton's accessories! And the pear scarf! OH! And the flower charm! Guess I've got a list of accessories to get!

    Darwin: sorry to hear you're sad. No one in my life approves of my obsession either but it's for me, so I don't care!
  5. I saw the resort denim tote and it was gorgeous, but huge! I am still trying to justify how I versatile or useful the tote would be if I bought it... I go to the lake a lot, but there is no way that I would take it there, and I think its too big just to carry around shopping. Decisions, decisions.
  6. I wanted the Weekend Tote, too, but it is HUGE and with my back/health problems.. There is NO WAY I could carry that bag comfortably!! I picked up the Legacy Signature Denim Shoulder Bag/10489, Legacy Signature Denim New French Purse/40312 and the Photoprint scarf/98028.
  7. I am waiting for the spring collection. There are not many bags in resort that make me go gaga.
  8. Hmm - it looks a bit too much like the lv denim collection for me. I would rather see the spring collection as well. But perhaps that's just the sour grapes of spending too much $$ on the sparkly holiday collection. I LOVE the gold!!
  9. I just order this bag from the resort line. I like it and can't wait to get it.
  10. yea, the gold is KILLING me! SO good! where can i see the resort collection? I am so behind in my obsessing.
  11. krispin posted a sneak peek of it.

    now that sprinkles mentioned the heart charm, maybe I should get that instead and wait till the umbrella comes to the outlet..

  12. LOL I just bought this bag too!! Soooooo cute!!