anyone order PRADA from ITALY before?

  1. hey all, i SO BADLY wan the teddy bears as they are SOLD OUT i called ITALY shops and they have all 5 bears...i;ve questions:

    1. is it safe?
    2. they have fax a document over requesting copy of passport, credit card, mailing address for me to fill in.
    2. how else shoudl i know?





    thsx in advance..:tup::yes:
  2. hi,

    don´t worry, everything is gonna be fine! this summer i was looking so desperately for my prada python bag, bit it was sold out in whole germany. so i called prada in milan and ordered the bag dierectly from there. i had to fill out a fax form and send a copy of my credit card and passport. they send the bag the next day and the day after that i received my bag! it was really fast! if you still feel uncomfortable, ask for elena, she works in the prada boutique named "montenapoleone" after the road montanapoleone where it is located in milan, she speaks quite good english and is very kind.

    good luck!
  3. OMG i love the white one with pink crystals!!! post pics of what you get please :smile: soooo cute!
  4. thxs so much for the u know if there is tax and how long to get to USA?:confused1:
  5. as I live in germany which belongs to the european union I didn´t have to pay any taxes as there is a trade agreement between european countries. but I´m pretty sure that they will charge you taxes at your local customs office. it always depends on the item´s value; if you´re just planning on ordering one of the bears the taxes may be about 20 USD or less (just a guess). hope this helps!

    good luck and keep us posted!
  6. don´t know about shipping time, I think about 5-7 business days.