Anyone order from A Hindmarch...frustrated!

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  1. Good Morning Everyone, Just ordered a bag from Anya Hindmarch (website based in UK).
    I was very excited to see that they delivered to USA as many of you may know it can be difficult to find her items here regularly. When I placed the order, my shipping cost came up as 22 US dollars; at the completion of the order, the shipping cost jumped to 76 US dollars. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, are you not all thinking what I am thinking......Now mind you, I bought a canvas tote, not a 1K dollar bag. I have emailed them, but am afraid they will stick to that price. Anyone been in this situation? And what about VAT? Does that automatically get refunded to me if the shipment is coming to US?:shrugs:
  2. If they are shipping outside the US they shouldn't charge you it at all.

    Why did it say $22 first then change to $76? That's one hell of an increase! How much was the bag as you may well get charged import tax and duty as well
  3. Maybe they're including the customs fees??
  4. ^^^ They can't do that, customs fees are charged by the country they are received into not the shipper
  5. Customer service just called to ask me about my shipping address and clearly had not received my email yet, thus when I asked her about the shipping charges, she agreed that it did not make sense and will get back in touch with me......very helpful and very professional....let's hope I don't have to pay 76 dollars for a 120 dollar item.
    Mooks-are you saying that Vat is removed if shipping to us?
    If that is the case, they have other adjustments to do on this total...
  6. I have ordered from Anna Corrina in the past (also in the UK) and was charged about 20 us dollars shipping for approx 200 dollars merchandise. At this point, it may make more sense for me to just fly to the UK for some shopping....
  7. Yes it should be, they should charge you what's called an ex-VAT price
  8. SO Anya H customer service just called and confirmed that the price of 76 US dollars is in fact correct (!!!!!!!!) I have asked that they cancel my order. They would not even attempt to ship it any other way.
    Hey Mooks, wanna shop for me in London?
  9. ^^^ That's pathetic! I take it they are using a courier rather than Royal Mail, how much is your bag?
  10. Yes, they can, and it makes the shipping that much faster. When I ordered my Aspinal of London wallet, they added in the customs, and I didn't have to pay anything at my end. I ordered on a Thursday evening, and I had the wallet in my hands on Monday via DHL. As long as it gets paid, the government doesn't care who pays it.

  11. That would seem about right given the weight and such of a handbag. Americans may whine, but we have one of the cheapest postal systems in the world, and Europeans tend to pay through the nose. A friend in Germany sent me a package that weighed just a few ounces, and it was a little over eight Euros.

  12. I didn't know they could even do that....
  13. I agree that our postal system is fair when it comes to prices....but what bothers me is AH's refusal to try to finish this sale simply by choosing a different mail carrier.
    I found them to be extremely professional and helpful but I would have expected they would want to please the customer. Total of the bag was going to be 105 dollars, 76 dollars for shipping was outrageous and yes, they use DHL.
    I hate to be turned off from AH because of this....I wish they would have made some other arrangements. I contemplated buying another item to make the shipping worthwhile, but honestly, how far does one need to go?
  14. They probably have certain service standards to adhere to but yes, shipping is exorbitant relative to the price of the bag.
  15. Are any of the stores in the US willing to sell you a bag over the phone? Then you don't have to worry about VAT or customs.