Anyone Order Clothes from Womans Catalogs?

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  1. Recently my moms gotten into ordering clothes off those womans catalogs like Newport News and Lerner. Do any of you ladies order clothes off catalogs, maybe these specifically? Love 'em? The prices, materials, styles? I've noticed their clothes are always very brightly colored and I like that because my moms never dressed in bright colors before (she says she wants to start dressing nicer/more like a lady, lol).
  2. Being that I live in the middle of nowhere, I used to do quite a bit of ordering from catalogs. However, I do the bulk of my shopping online now. I sometimes have difficulty ordering certain items because I am different sizes on top and bottom.

    My mom actually orders from Newport News occasionally and has good luck with them. I get pretty much every catalog under the sun just because I like to look at them!:shame:
  3. from what i know chadwicks and newport news
    the clothign is not as durable as some of the other brands
    ie shrinks, made of cheaper materials
  4. I order from Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft frequently. There is not a store where I live, so I order online. Love both of these places!
  5. I've been a mail order junkie since before Al Gore supposedly invented the Internet. While I order everything on line now, some of my favorite mail order houses for style, quality of goods, and consistant sizing are:

    Territory Ahead
    LL Bean
    Sundance Catalog
  6. I never ordered any clothing online...I HAVE to try it on before buying. I am usually in between sizes and change my mind quickly, so I like shopping in actual stores.
  7. Mostly J. crew. Even though there's one close by, but the selection is different from the store. Some of them items are available only online. :smile:
  8. i don't just coz i wanna see the clothes, try it on and see how well it would fit on me.... but it is a lot accessible and faster to buy from catalogs I guess...
  9. I love Sundance!!
  10. OMG...I'm a online shopping junkie! :shame:

    Lands end, eddie bauer, j jill, HSN, banana republic, silhouettes, jildore shoes, Zappos,, grossman shoes, bob ellis shoes, shop nbc, skinstore, scentiments, blue fly, spiegel, Luisa Via Roma, Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs, Polo, Old Navy, and a bunch of little boutiques! whew... :blink:
  11. I buy everything on line !~

    I second Greenie's list.... !

    Talbots has great quality clothes. Lands End is great for basisc/staples and if you buy something and need to return it, you can return it at Sears.

    LL Bean is also good for staples/basics. If you use their Visa credit card you get free shipping all the time.

    JJill has a lot of great stuff in their catalog but their store here in my town is small. However, if you order through the catalog and have it sent to the store, there are no shipping charges.

    I like Nordstroms on line also. We also have one here in town but sometimes the selection is not as good. They offer $5 total shipping a lot for their on line purchases.

    Newport News and Chadwicks are not as good quality but you can get some great fun clothes for the season at a really reasonable price, as long as you don't think they will last forever.

    Coldwater Creek has pretty stuff but also their quality is not as great either. Considering their prices I would like to see better quality clothes but they contineu to disappoint me for the most part.

    Banana Republic and J Crew are also two of my favorites to buy on line.

    I really like online shopping even when I have the stores nearby because there is usually a much bigger selection than in the store.
  12. I order from VS for clothes a lot last year. Clearance stuff.