anyone one think the neverfull looks best in mono and not the damier?

  1. the neverfull bag just seems like it will look the best in a monogram pattern and that's it.

    what do you think?
  2. i agree with you. i like damier, but i dont like it as a neverfull. (just my opinion)
  3. Is the damier going to have the vachetta straps that I saw in one picture? Or will it be in the regular chocolate straps? If it has vachetta then monogram is better, but if it has the regular than it might just give the monogram a run for its money. Although IMO the azur with vachetta is going to kill.
  4. I love the Damier in the Neverfull style. I will buy one for sure. I also have the mono one and think it looks great
  5. I like the neverfull in monogram. .
  6. i agree, although an azur damier doesn't look bad....
  7. Definitely best in the monogram, I do still want one in azur because it just looks like such a nice spring/summery colour !
  8. I like it in mono as well, but I think it will look great in azur.
  9. I think that Neverfull in Damier print will look great! Overall, the Neverfull is just a great bag to use, so I'm happy that it's coming out in the Damier print and I'm planning to buy it! I also have the MOCA Neverfull MM as well and love it also!!
  10. Mono cause the canvas blends in very well with the vachetta.
  11. I think Mono looks better than Damier, but Damier Azur looks as good as mono IMO.
  12. I think in Damier Ebene or Azur.

    Big bag for a mono- seems kinda loud.
  13. I agree with you but I think Damier Azur will look nice as well because of the vachetta. If Damier Ebene has brown handles and no vachetta, I don't think it'll look as nice.
  14. I think the Damier Neverfull sounds hot!!!! :nuts:

    One of those, please. :lol:
  15. I like the idea of a Damier Neverfull, but will have to see it IRL!