Anyone one know a good hair straightener???

  1. Hey ladies, does anyone know a good product I can use to blow my hair out straight? I got a horrible haircut not too long ago and I'm devastated!!! I'm just trying to get through the "growing out" stage as best I can. I'll take any advice you can give. Also does anyone know how to make your hair grow faster??? I'm desperate...

    My hair is really wavy by the way.
  2. i LOVE ghd hair straighteners. and they have anew one in hot pink for breast cancer awareness month!! loving it!
  3. GHD is the best one in my opinion. Used by most hair salons here in Ireland (and also in the UK methinks).
  4. I have Remington and I'm satisfied. Also I can choose the heat power from thin to thick hair. Don' forget the serum before to protect your hair !!!
    I have kerastase, shiny shiny !!!
  5. Chi, in pink for breast cancer :biggrin:
  6. I used CHI, and its the BEST ever!!!!
  7. GHD. is that the full name? I am looking for one I used in the UK and I have not found it anywhere. It was the best straigtener I have ever used.
  8. I use a CHI hair straightener. I think it's the best! It's the only brand that my hairstylist will use also.
  9. If you have a bad cut and arenthappy with the your style why not wear your hair up ? I hae found that when trying to grow my hair out its easier when its up. Less work and it doesnt matter what the cut is like.

    Otherwise if you're looking for a straight iron i'd go with a babyliss or chi, they also have styling products you can use for blow drying and for ironing out your hair.
  10. GHD is the full name (GHD stands for 'Good Hair Day). It's a really excellent straightener.
  11. Chi. It is the only thing I have seen most of the stylists using. I have one and I love it.
  12. remington wet 2 straight works really well. You can find it a Walmart for like 26 bucks. I highly recommend that one. :heart:
  13. i am a hairdresser, and i use chi everything in my salon. also, there is a hair vitamen that you can take to make your hair grow faster.
  14. defo ghd . I have never saw chi ?? can you get that in Ireland or uk:confused1:
  15. GHD. definately worth it, iv used all kinds of cheap and expensive ones and love this one. though if you only want it for a while maybe just go for something cheaper, the remington ones work pretty well iv found.