Anyone one else not "feeling it" anymore??

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  1. No rude comments girls!!
    I used to get excited when receiving a new bag but I get more excited now planning my purchase.
    I love the bag for a few days and then it seems to pass...
    My bags come and go quite quickly (apart from my Mabels).
    I never seem to find my Holy Grail bag and I don't think it's out there!
    Am I the only one?
    My collection seems to be deminishing too.....
  2. Rachie, I think about this alot. I wonder if its the economy just now? even those who have not been affected, it makes you think so much more about how much a purchase costs and perhaps if we really need it!

    I love the thrill of the find, and on Sunday I was so blinking happy to find the bag that has been literally in my mind for months, but I recently sold my Chanel collection off for the exact reasons as you "just no longer feeling them" and feeling just too materialistic if I am being completely honest - it is an obscene amount of money to sit in the wardrobe.

    As such, I felt guilt free about the Alexa purchase, but I honestly, hand on heart get just as excited about buying a new dress from Topshop as I would a designer one these days!, and I do not feel like I have to wait for something special to come up to wear it.
  3. Uh oh, sounds like Mulberry fatigue.

    I know exactly where you're coming from Rachie, I went through the same thing last year.
    The hunt was more satisfying than the owning and the adrenalin rush came from the planning and ordering but not from actually having the bag.
    In my case it was down to too high expectations. A bag is not going to make the weather better, bring world peace, get my kids to do their homework on's a bag!
    Once I'd got my head around all that, I started to enjoy them again. Hope you do too.
  4. Thrill eras

    2005/06 - Roxanne discovery
    2007 - Balenciaga City mega excitement era
    2009 - Bit of a buzz over Oak Bays for a while but in jaded way
    2010 - Alexa - totally unpredicted big thrill reawakening
  5. also, (not that I think about this alot) especially with Mulberry lol, the more they get used the better they get - and how can you really really use a bag when you keep stopping because you have a load more sitting there that needs to also see the light of day!

    hmmm, loads to ponder on!
  6. I think Ikwym Rachie, I am getting much more sensible in my old age. Still love to look though, but am much better at NOT buying these days and I am able to rehome bags that I am not using faster. I am sure we all go through periods of 'bag fatigue' at some point. I would love to feel the 'highs' of my first few bags though.
  7. I can't really feel the thrill of the Alexa either, even though it ticks all the boxes...I think the price may have something to do with it?
    I still love my Mabels (preloved, apart from aqua) and I felt a real thrill when I got my Oak Mitzy Hobo at half price from the outlet....Maybe half the thrill is being able to find a bargain too.
  8. :lolots: Quote of the week!!!! Priceless and so true!
  9. chloe-babe: This is so true. Mulberry bags do get better with age and use as a fine wine. I don't want to have too many so that they don't get used so I will try to have a collection of three - five. That will be it for me as I really want to see the Oak bags patina.
  10. Looking at the list I just wrote (which is accurate) I would say that I am most inspired when doing something that is really wicked.

    It is interesting that liking Alexa leads me back towards wanting to use my existing Balenciaga bags rather than to make more mainstream Mulberry purchases, so you could say that I am not 'feeling it' any more either.
  11. I agree with Chloe who pointed out that the bags are uber expensive and therefore we probably feel guilt on a subconscious level even if we can afford the item and are not getting into debt for it. After all, how much grocery shopping could you do for £700?

    I think that there is definitely a thrill in catching a bargain. I love, love, love my 2 birthday bags. I have been thinking about them all day! I won't be getting anymore though for a long while.
  12. I love love love my EW bays (oak) & med mitzy hobo (black). They are very practical bags, I suppose I have a small child so I need something I can fling over my shoulder and not worry too much about it.

    I think I'm falling out of love with my Bays Choc. I don't seem to get the use out of it anymore and I have a marc by marc jacobs Dr Q Groovee that I bought in 2007 and hardly ever use. I want to really love it, the leather is fab, but it is just not practical for my life anymore. I think it may have to go, but not sure yet.
  13. I love the planning part: planning a new bag purchase, the outfits to go with it, scarves, shoes etc. Then when I get the bag, I am excited for a day or two and after that the bag is just one among others. I think I really never get to a phase when I am enjoying what I have as there is always something else to want. I intended not to buy another bag before the summer sale, but now all these lovely Alexa reveals are making it really hard to resist :biggrin:.
  14. I started buying expensive bags relatively recently and the excitement was definite and strong. However, as I've bought more the excitement has definitely diminshed and does so with every purchase. I was thrilled with the blueberry bays clutch for about 3 days then in my mind I was on to the next. Now I am dreaming about Alexa (I have never dreamed about a bag I lusted after before and this has worried me) but is it the chase and not the bag?
  15. ^^^ It is also rather scary how quickly it becomes "normal" to pay £300-£500 for a bag. In the beginning I was really excited to have a couple of very expensive designer bags and now I have many and it really doesn't feel that great. I mean, I do love my bags, but I don't get excited about having 15 Mulberrys in my closet. So for me, it is definitely the chase that is exciting, and therefore, I really intend to stick to my one in one out policy.