anyone on waiting list for jumbo in light pink?

  1. :tup:Hi ladies,

    Just wondering if any of you gals are on this? I'm really wondering how this shade looks IRL...any info will be greeeeeeeeeeatly appreciated!!!

    These shld be the glazed lambskin? (I hope I'm giving right info..I'm confused myself when I call different boutiques, I get different info.)

    Thanks!!! :love:

    oops , shld this be in the Chanel shopping subforum though? sorry mods!
  2. ME ME ME! Unless someone I know buys all of them!
    Cant wait.Saw the color.LOVE IT!
  4. ^^ Oh god...I have to make sure I get it then and to think I was still debating btw light pink and off white! I'm on to it.! thanks ladies!
  5. WHAT?! Theres a light pink???:wtf:

    Anyone have a pic please. Jill or Sjunky13 please PM me and tell me where I can get on the list too just incase i like the colro
  6. ^ya, What the?!?!??!

    LOL as if I can get one. I'm done. Curious though....LOL!
    Ya, Can someone post pics????????? I've seen the pink flap in e/w I think it was...not sure...and it was SOOOO cute!! But I didn't know they were releasing the Jumbo in Pink...OMG!!!!:wtf:
  7. hmm, i would :heart: to see a pic of this light pink..
  8. Oh I can't wait to see this color in person - its looks divine!!:love:
  9. Ooooh I saw this color! It's BEAUTIFUL. I love love love it! It's the glazed lambskin with the new chain, right? I really wanted it in the EW version before I realized I don't really use flaps...
  10. ^^ thanks for all the feedback ladies! hhehehhe all you lovely enablers
  11. I'm not sure if this is the LIGHT pink or the pink (Chanel has both colors coming out for Spring, along with a Salmon colored one too =]) anyway I took the pictures from this thread:
    and the picture is courtesy of fashionispoison, hope you didn't mind me using the picture! =] she has bought a pretty YELLOW jumbo flap, im so jealous of the pink jumbo though! its SOOO pretty! :heart:


  12. oh, i cnt wait to see more pics. hope it has the regular chain for flaps and not the new one:nogood:
  13. i love it!
  14. it has the new chain , a new version , no leather in the straps!
  15. yeah no leather, its the new straps...but I think hte light pink shld be lighter than fashionpoison's flap?