Anyone on here use Yaz birth control?

  1. Does anyone use the birth control pill Yaz? I've tried "Yasmin" but not Yaz. I wondered how you all liked it. Thoughts... good or bad. I'm considering this pill but wanted to know if it was another rough one like Seasonale was for me.
  2. Well I have never tried another birthcontrol besides YAZ so I could not tell you whether this is beter than naother pill or not...

    However I really like YAZ my periods are really short and light, I dont get cramps whatsoever anymore, I did not have any side effects (nausea, headache, etc).

    I am not sure but I feel like I have heard some harmful effects of yasmin in the long run.
  3. I was on Yaz before I got pregnant (I stopped taking it, so no worries! :p) and I loved the fact that there were little to no side effects. With other pills, even orto-low, I had tons of problems due to the hormones... nausea, headache, etc. However, DH swears to this day that it "made me crazy." I did have some mood swings, but nothing I thought was 'crazy.' :shrugs:
  4. there are at least 2 other threads about this, please search before starting a new thread

  5. lol, thanks mod and did you call down the others on the "other" threads who made the same mistake?
  6. Not sure what your problem is with alerting you that there is already more than one discussion going on of this same topic -- if anything, she is pointing you to some possibly useful information about what you are asking!
  7. Glad I did a search right now...i was recently prescribed YAZ at my most recent OB/GYN appointment! Wanted to see what everyone thought of it...since there is more than one thread I guess I will go check them out lol...i hate it when that happens!