Anyone on Cymbalta?

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  1. Some of you guys know about the past year of my life, but to offer the condensed version to others: a year ago I had a disc rupture in my low spine, it hit the root of the nerve that travels down my right leg. The surgeon (there's a joke!) only made it worse as he managed to take the most simple of back surgeries and leave that nerve root impacted with scar tissue and most likely, he actually damaged the nerve and as a result, I've had constant severe pain down my leg ever since. I've had every drug, pill, treatment, therapy, procedure there is in an attempt to not live in screaming pain 24/7.

    What is pretty much my last hope for pain relief is Cymbalta. It's normally prescribed for depression, but has been shown to work well with nerve pain. I've fought taking it because if there is a side effect to have with a drug, I'll get it. Cymbalta frankly scares me to death. They talk about increased suicide risks, increased blood pressure, a miriad of gastro-intestional problems and even suffocation from allergic reactions and STROKES!!! :wtf:

    I know the FDA has got to cover its butt and list every possible risk with a drug, and I've read more websites than I can count looking for first hand experiences with Cymbalta, but no luck. So here I am.

    If you are taking or have taken this drug, please give me some feedback, good or bad. If you don't want to post on this thread, PLEASE PM me. I really need some reassurance.:sad:
  2. My friend takes it and has taken it for quite a long time for depression. She has had no side effects that she complained to me about. She used to take some other stuff and she hated it so this worked for her. I think my other friends doctor perscribed this for her back pain (she has messed up disks) and she never got it filled because she won't even take a tylenol so she suffers with the pain. I think it is worth a try. Maybe talking to your doctor in detail about it might help.
    Good luck, chronic pain must be the worst thing in the world to live with.
  3. pm'ed you.
  4. PP, I believe a friend here takes it or took it. I'll ask her about it and pass what I learn on to you.

    I sure know what you mean about bad experiences with meds or procedures. Strange side effects always crop up with me. When all those side effects are in the fine print, does anyone know if the person got it from the Cymbalta or it happened for some other reason? Like you say, the FDA covers its behind with all the warnings.

    Like with anything else, you have to weigh the pros and cons of trying it. You know we all are praying for you, hon.
  5. My friend is currently taking Cymbalta for depression. For the past 20 years she has taken anti-depressants. I'm not aware of a problem with nerve pain with her. She said it took 3 weeks to get used to it--no specific side effects, she just wasn't thinking it was working, but now she loves it. Says she feels completely normal, without depression. So I don't know if this helps at all, since your problem is the pain.

    Wishing you the very best wishes for a solution, PP.:heart: