Anyone on board for Motard?

  1. i know cecilia is ;). but lately i've been going back and forth over the motard pochette. it is a really awesome looking bag (from the pictures). but for a pochette sized bag, the $1800 price tag is making me hesitate.

    anyone seen this bag in person? anyone getting the biker? :smile:
  2. I saw these in person last week and was unimpressed. :push:
    I can't even explain what they felt like, it was just really WEIRD (besides the fact that I knocked the pochette off the display lol). Sorry to anyone who likes them lol, these just did nothing for me.
  3. I have waitlisted for the biker and the pochette but I havent seen them IRL .. I am going to see them tonite and decided on it .. !! Em.. Cant wait.. Will let u know when I come back from the show !
  4. I'm waiting to see it IRL as well.
  5. I'm waitlisted for the Biker but the more I think about it the less enthusiastic I feel. $4000 is a lot of money and I could get so much more for that money with other things. I'm also WL'd for the Thunder and my enthusiasm for that is waning too.
  6. I'm so behind...I don't even know what this looks like! :sad:
  7. K...Just checked it out.

    I'm not sure if I like it or not. Reminds me of corduroy
  8. Em.. I looked at the motard today.. I think is alright .. I m still kind of iffy abt it.. I am for sure getting at least one biker and pochette.. (as gifts)
  9. I hear that the strap doubles as a belt? Does anyone know what the strap is made of?
  10. Me too. I am not even sure what this is?
  11. It's OK, but I can't afford it.
  12. Motard Alligator Biker is Hottt!
  13. O.K., I looked it up in the reference area and I am now in the loop! :smile:
    The pochette is too small for me, and the biker is not my taste, but my daughter loves it. She better start putting in more hours at work hehee...;)
  14. i'm w/l for the pochette but not sure if i will get it. i really wanted the larger looking pochette shown on the runway (which they aren't making for distribution). $1800 is a lot for something like that. i wished it was in blue or something more significant in color than just plain ole black.
  15. It's like a webbed material (you know like the standard military belts?)'s kind of weird to be used as a bag strap IMO.