Anyone on bedrest?

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  1. I am!!! And I have been for several weeks now. It is really beginning (okay, not beginning!) to drive me crazy. The oddest part of all is that I feel great and am only 34 weeks. I went to the doctor and was dialated 3 cm and then 4 cm so I spent a couple days one week at the hospital and three the next and now I am at home. Being at home is great (versus the hospital) and I am really on modified bedrest - I can get up, sit up, go out once every few days for no more than an hour. And I am so grateful that my baby didn't deliver at 30 weeks. 34 is a big milestone for brain and lung development and 35 will probably keep him out of NICU. Anyone else having issues at the end of their pregnancy?
  2. I am almost 35 weeks too! How did they know that you were dilated?

    I feel great except for my hips and pubic bone are killing me when I get up from a sitting position...I can hardly get out in and of my SUV.
  3. I was on modified bedrest from 31 weeks until 36 weeks, because of early dilation...but I was only 1.5...but it def. worked. The dr took me off bedrest at 36 weeks 2 days and Emily was born just a week later at 37 weeks 2 days, even though I took it pretty easy, I think they extra walking got things moving.

    I know it's a pain, but you've done a great job, hang in there just a bit more :smile:.
  4. Hi LLS! (Waves)

    Not *yet*. I have a couple marginal conditions that may head that way, but I'm hoping they'll improve or straighten out... Good luck girl, hold in there! At least your ankles won't swell!!
  5. I am not currently on bedrest now but when I was pregnant with DS, i was on strict bedrest (they told me that meant bathrooom priviledges...totally sucked!) for the last month of my pregnancy and remember how awful it was...hang in there! It is only temporary and really does wonders for the baby's health.
  6. Congrats on doing so well! There's a HUGE difference between 30-34 weeks, and all of the suffering and discomfort of bedrest is worth knowing your baby will be healthy. At 35 weeks you can normally take your baby home with your normally, so I'll be cheering for you this last week. :smile:

    I'm not on bed rest, but I can't walk or climb stairs for extended amounts of time (beyond walking to another room, etc.), which means I'm pretty much confined to my home sitting down or lying down for the rest of my pregnancy. I'm really thankful that I haven't gotten the bed rest diagnosis yet, because DS would probably not be able to handle it. I did get a LOT of perinatal care and monitoring though, which is probably why they aren't putting me on bed rest yet.
  7. ^ You are not kidding! I lost 6 pounds the first week (from reduction in swelling) and my ankles reappeared. I forgot how much I missed them... and my feet are back to a size 9. They had ballooned (in height!) to an 11!!
  8. I actually had some bleeding and they sent me to the hospital. When I got there, they said, bleeding is no big deal but you are 3 cms dialated so you are not going home. The next week I was 4 cm. Then, I went back to the hospital and they were convinced I was going to deliver. (I really wasn't though!) And then, I got the steriod shots that develop babies lungs.

    They aren't checking anymore because all that would do is 'stir things up.'

    My friend had a killer pubic bone - I feel so bad for you. That has got to really hurt. I have no issues, no pain, nothing - I am just on bedrest!! Very, very odd!
  9. Thanks, Tink! Mine is modified too. I am hoping I will get off bedrest at 36 or even 37 weeks too. My doctor joked she would be inducing me at 41 weeks and I said, fine, just get me off bedrest first - I have so much to do!!
  10. Oh - I should consider myself so lucky - I am not on strict bedrest at all! And you are so right - it is temporary! I just so wish I had been on the ball and gotten things done before I left work!
  11. Aww... thank you! And I will be cheering for you too!! Take it easy!!
  12. You'll be okay, think of all the shopping you could be doing online for your little one! Its a good thing you are on modified bedrest, strict bedrest was so terrible. I had really high blood pressure so the only thing I could do other than use meds (didn't use meds though), was to be off my feet. If that didn't work, then inducing me would help the bp....thankfully bedrest DID help and my DS came naturally 3 days before his due date (bless his heart! lol).:heart:
  13. Good Luck and hang in there. I know a friend that bought a nintendo ds and some of the adult games like brain age etc that really passed the time.