Anyone on a bag ban!??

  1. So I can SPEND in May at the meet think I'll have to go on a bag ban till then! at least I've got my bayswater to look forward to on christmas day but the January sales are gonna kill me!!

    Anyone else?:s
  2. Yep. I've bought my tangerine Araline, black Alana and olive Phoebe since the summer so that is it now until May.
    I want to be able to shop at the May meet with a clear conscience so no more bags for me until then. Shepton is banned for me!
    I'm going to be looking for a red medium Mabel or a Somerset tote in oak.
  3. Not sure what I'll be looking for in May so will wait and see I think. I do like the somerset range though! - possibly an olive bag or an oak phoebe? Not sure!!!
  4. I was supposed to be getting one for chrimbo , then are oven door shattered !! it cost more for replacement door than a whole bloomin cooker !!
    So had to buy new cooker !!!
    So thats my bag out of the window!!
    So at the mo , i`m trying to raise some money on eBay , even selling my somerset!!
    I want a red mabel and olive euston .
    I would love the olive Euston and happily wait until may for red mabel:smile:
  5. S**t Tara,that is really just bloody typical bad luck!!! On a lighter note I could see you in your barbour with a Euston.................................I hope something turns up before you have to start moving your bags on????xxxx
  6. Actually I don`t know why I got the Somerset , I loved the picture and got it without trying, then when it came I didn`t like it.
    I nearly bought the tote as well :nuts:
  7. Wow my grammer is dreadful , sorry !!!!

  8. Good job I wanted to work with Animals don`t think I would of got an Office job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thnk I'm going to have to put myself on a bag ban for the next few months! I recently bought 2 from the outlet at Shepton Mallet, which cost more than I intended - but I had to feed my addiction!!!

    Will have to find other ways ........

  10. What did you buy? I love the Shepton outlet, my favourite place to spend some time and, usually, lots of money!
  11. Another one on a bag ban, after my splurge last week. I've been good though and put the bayswater away for Christmas :angel:

    The only thing is, I know that I'll be checking out the sale stuff at Christmas. I'm a bit reluctant to make any promises that I *might* not be able to keep. Sshhh, not a word to DH....
  12. Yep I'm on a self imposed ban,unless the deal of the Century comes along then,it will lift.I am feeding my addicition with looking and sharing all of yours and trying them on in shops!!! As I was showing off when I bought the keyring and spent £60 on it I'll be keeping away from them as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I bought a Somerset tote & a Bayswater, both in black. The Bayswater is Soft Grain leather (rather than the usual Darwin) & is fully lined, the lock & all the brass ware is shiny rather than the vintage type (if you know what I mean!) It is so gorgeous that I had to have it!!! I already have a Somerset tote in oak, but when I found out that they had it in black, I had to have that one as well.

    Needlesstosay, both are tucked away in their dust bags & will be produced at a "Oh, I've had these for ages - bought them in the sales" moment (ever had one of those?!!)
  14. NO NEVER!!!! As long as DH doesn't find out!!!! And even if he does, there are ways of smoothing things over, right????:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. :tup: Would love to have the Somerset tote in oak!!! Will have a look at the Christmas sale!! Post a picture!!!!:heart: