Anyone offered birkin of their choice from San Francisco Store?

  1. Hi,

    I am one of the ladies in waiting for a birkin from the SF store. I am just wondering if anyone here has been offered the birkin of your choice from the SF store? If so how long? Please share your expriences with me. Thanks!
  2. I think if that happened, Shopmom might faint on the ground!
  3. Oh no.. I am going to have to wait for a zillion year then. :sad:
  4. LMAO!!!!! Ain't THAT the truth!!!!!
  5. Does the "your choice" mean everything including color,skin,size and hardware?
  6. Either Yes or maybe close to "your choice"
  7. Then I can say I almost have been. I got my 2 in 6 months from SF. What I asked are 1 30 &1 35: 1 black & 1 gold or brown, but I did not specify hardware and skin.
  8. Wow.. congrats Guylian. That is encouraging then. I suppose it is "still" possible to get a birkin from SF. :smile: If you do not mind me asking, how did you manage to establish such a good relationship with your SA?
  9. Thank you!
    I don't believe the SF store is the store with nothing. They just don't bring the birkins up to the shelves. I actually don't know how I can get them in such a short time. I only bought 1 kelly & 1 dogon before my 1st birkin.
  10. THANKS Guylian! I feel encouraged now. Maybe I need to "visit" my SA more.
  11. Good luck!
  12. I called once (for a keyring), enquired about a Birkin and was offered a 35 blue jean. Perhaps it was because I was calling from so far away...?
  13. It just must be me......I walk in and the security guard say's hi and then everyone else runs and hides everything!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    I have the kooties.....for sure!!!!
  14. Hehee..

    The SF store can be a bit werid at times. But I did come across a couple of nice SAs.
  15. Me too, me too....:yes: