Anyone offer an ebay auction a trade?

  1. I bought something during the sales that I decided not to keep and can't return. I have been finding some cute sale Chloe's on eBay (marked up, of course). Has anyone ever offered someone on eBay to trade? Did it work out? I don't want to catch the seller off-gaurd..
  2. I think most people on eBay are only after the sales lol! They have to pay to advertise, so its v doubtful they want to part exchange!

    Could be a good idea though, like a multi coloured swop shop ;)
  3. haha exactly! I just wondered because my boyfriend always sells guitars on ebay, and he says people offer him trades all the time (sometimes he takes them).
  4. I actually offered someone the other day. They declined, and that was fine!

    I dont think it does any harm to offer - though you will have to be super cautious about shipping and ensure everything is done legitimately.
  5. yeah, i've asked a few times, each time the answer was no, but you never know. however, i'm pretty sure it is against ebays rules, so be careful
  6. I've done it once, with a pretty established seller, so I was comfortable with her feedback as she was with mine. The trade went very well. However, you will be at risk since there is no ebay or paypal or cc protection for you. So, do it ONLY IF you are comfortable with the seller.
  7. I had someone once offer me a trade for something I was selling. I wouldn't do it. Aside from the fact that I just wasn't interested in what she had, it's too risky.
  8. if someone offered me a trade i might do it as long as i had the bag sent to me first, so it would be their "payment", once i had it in my hands i would then send out my bag, same as a normal transaction
  9. Beware, it might be not too safe as you think. I ever read thread here about trade. That woman take tPFer $$$ & bag and after PayPal dispute, she refund $$$ only while the hugest amount is for bag.