Anyone noticed a price increase in France?

  1. OMG. There is a slight increase starting from 5 Euros on LV items. The Bastile I got was higher by 10 Euros and the Tambour in Black Watch was higher by 30 Euros. Traditionally, will this trickle down to other countries.....Aaargghhhh!:shrugs:

    I think the increase took effect on Aug 1/06.

    Also, I just realised my new Bastile (Damier messenger) lining is brown instead of red. The website still shows the one with lining in red. I believe this is a revamp to cater to the guys.
  2. the speedy 35 is also 5€ more. I've saved 5€ cos I just bought it last month :graucho: :lol:

    yeah our bags increase in value...
  3. Crappy that sucks! I'll be going to Italy next spring, and I typically buy a designer bag while overseas b/c it's generally been cheaper in Europe - I guess I should double check prices before I go!