Anyone notice..

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  1. All of the Guccissma handbags plus many others on the site are gone.:shocked: Especially many of the bags that were on sale. UUUUMMMMM! Are they getting ready for the sale? :hrmm:
  2. you and me both....i have gucci saved as my homepage.i check to see if the sale started atleast 3-4 times a day. I have a strong feeling its starting tommorrow night because ppl are able to pick up there pre sale the 6th and tomm midnight itll be the 6th..accordoing to the website now, i can take a wild guess and say everything they removed is going on sale and whats pictured, isnt.. YAY!!! omg im excited...i have my CC ready to go.
  3. ^^^Yes I agree plus the navy large horsebit is "unavailable" that's been a huge sale item so I do think the sale is coming!!!
  4. I was in the Gucci store in Toronto, and when I spoke with my SA, he told me to put away what I wanted - clothes, shoes, bags - EVERYTHING because the sale is starting this week. There are supposed to be some great deals ladies....
  5. ^^ same deals as the presale at the boutiques =)

    only diff will be availbility LOL...first click, first serve...ill be at the computer from 9pm+
  6. LOL - yeah exactly pgurl
  7. I just decided that I "NEED" a certain bag and just spent all morning calling at least 15+ Gucci stores.
    I guess I"ll be glue to my computer tonight as well.
  8. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Are the signature horsebit hobos going to be on sale?