Anyone notice your bags?

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  1. Does anyone compliment you on your bags? Share your stories! Posotive or negative.
  2. Just had a couple of ladies compliment my damier papillon 30 last Sunday at the Macy's restroom.
    It actually felt nice...:blush:
    Told my husband as soon as I went out and he just gave me a smile and said
    "it is a nice bag honey... but not as nice as my new mizuno driver":nuts:
  3. Around me there are so many ladies with great designer bags and LVs are a I dont usually get comments made...

    But once there was this lady who kept staring at my bag the whole hour and 10 min of my meal at a resturant and I was like.....just come ask me or take a picture to go lady!!!

    Im glad that Its not such a big deal around here....LA is crazy for "it" items....they will stare for 10 secs and its on to the next one....:P
  4. Yeah, I get a few stares and/or compliments on my it, especially me being a Leo (so vain!:shame: ). I think all us Purse Forum ladies do, since we all carry a variety of gorgeous bags! The most memorable occasion was a woman who wanted to buy my bag off of me, right then and there!? She just had to have it, of course I didn't sell it to her but, I did tell her where she could buy a brand new one, it was my black B-bag Twiggy. I think she wasn't familar with Balenciaga she said she was from Moscow, Russia.:shrugs:
  5. Not so much my bag.....I was at Hermes today with my black Kelly, not unusal except for the way in which I had my twilly wrapped around the handle. (tip from a fellow PFer!). My regular SA complimented me right away and I was suprised and delighted when most of the other SA's came up and remarked how pretty it looked. I was extremely pleased....:shame:
  6. I mostly get complements from SAs. I think that's how they make small talk. But once in awhile, usually in upscale stores, I'll get complements from customers.

    I've been told by my family, ex and friends that I get stared at a lot when I'm out. I don't notice it though....
  7. I get compliments from SAs on my LV Speedy 35. I get compliments on my kate spade bags (the bold colored ones) all the time. I get compliments on my Coach bags but only in the red color so far.
  8. I get nice compliments from friends and people like my hairdresser. I hope they're not just being polite! :lol:

    Actually, a few weeks ago, I was at a riverside pub we go to from time to time. I had my Chloe wallet with me and a girl walked behind me, really close to the table and said to her friend 'It is Chloe!' in a triumphant voice! :lol:

    I was quite impressed, as it isn't a well-known design.

    Also, a little off topic, but I was in the bar of this gorgeous, really upmarket, riverside (again! I love water, LOL) hotel/restaurant we love to go to and a girl on another table was being asked about her bag by a guy with a really loud voice and he almost shouted; 'You paid several hundred pounds for that handbag!!!', in front of all the guests! :rolleyes: :lol:

    I whispered to my BF; 'I wonder if she's a member of tPF'!

    Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to see what the bag was and I didn't want to embarrass her, even more, by looking like I was trying to find out! :biggrin:
  9. Yes!!! People from my school always compliment me on my new bags, it felt great. But some accused me of wearing fake without even asking nor looking it through carefully. They assumed that because of my age, and it makes me really mad sometimes!!! grrr.
  10. Yes! As of right now, I don't have any LV bags, but I have agendas, cles, and other things. One day I was at Nordstrom buying a really nice blouse for my mom, and I had my Juicy Couture bag! So when I went to pay, the cashier saw my purse and started saying nice comments about it! I was happy because I know some people don't like Juicy couture, and criticize it, so I am always self conscious about it. So she got me in a really happy! She even tried it on to see how she would look with it. LOL! That was funny! She also liked my monogram (LV) agenda!
  11. When I first brought my Speedy to work my colleagues were saying it's a good investment and it's gorgeous and such. When clients come in they remark that they want to work at my office because by doing so they can afford luxury bags. When relatives see my bag they'll admire it and say nice things. So pretty much everyone notices my bags.
  12. I love evening bags....and have quite a few out of the norm people notice my bags always feels really nice!!!
  13. Yes, my handbag-loving girlfriends and also my mom compliment me on my handbags. I have received "major bag envy" comments on my Kelly ;), very nice compliments on my Burberry Sadie, plus I have two no-name bags that are very nice that I constantly get complimented on. I enjoy being around people who recognize a quality bag!
  14. Usually I get the eye-roll, and the "another new purse?" question. The only bags I've gotten comments on are the unusual, funky few I have. And those are generally the least expensive!
  15. I also get the "another new purse?" and eye roll from my mom. I NEVER mention the brand or how much I spend.

    My dh notices, but never says anything.

    I've had people at restaurants, stores, etc that say they like my bag. We went out with some friends of ours from AZ this weekend. Everytime I've been around her, she's carrying a Nine West bag. She shops like CRAZY, so I know she knows the brands. Well I was carrying my Kooba and she just kept looking at it while we talked. Kind of irratating actually!!!!