Anyone notice how many brands copy Chloe?

  1. I keep meaning to ask this question every time I pick up a fashion magazine or a receive a catalogue/mailer. I am talking from low end Payless (buckled mocassins a la Chloe for Fall) to top tier designers like Yves St. Laurent and Burberry incorporating padlocks, etc. Michael Kors has an obviously Silverado inspired bag on the cover of his catalogue. BCBG, Juicy Couture and J.Crew borrow heavily. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it is a little irksome to spend all this dough and not have something rare and unique as all the originals are. That's why the newest and slightly crazy Chloes don't bother me that much. At least no one copies them right off the bat!
  2. Yes I've noticed this too. Marco polo has a clear copy of edith, and h&m had this summer loads of chloe inspired dresses. And many brands added a lock into their bags after paddington!
  3. Yup. One of the new YSL bags looks very close to the new paddy with the smaller chain/padlock.
  4. there are so many copies of the chloe bags and clothes at the moment form h&m and topshop
  5. ive seen the paddington loaf (not sure if thats the name) in top shop wtihout hte lock, i've seen the padlock with the leather band around it at guess, and i've seen chloe inspired boots from sketchers in the latest victoria's secret catalog. in the catalog the models even wore a paddington and edith! i also saw a copy (inspired by) bag of the bay at sogo, a department store in indonesia. of course i always see chloe fakes in stores in asia.

    here are some pix of the chloe inspired boots from sketchers, available at victoria's secret
    platform.jpg Somethin' Else from Skechers cuff boot.jpg wraparound.jpg