Anyone notice any change in the quality or lack creativity of current style Loubs?


Aug 8, 2012
bethesda ,MD
As a Loubie collector, over the years they've clearly become more and more popular and the quality has changed a bit as well. The stiching is different, the insoles have changed (just minor things I've observed). I find myself not liking any of the newer styles from the past few seasons. I dreaded the change of the 'pigalle', so now I've just been sticking to the 'So Kates'. I honestly don't like any other style as of current. They look cheap and tacky in my opinion. Anyone else feeling this way? Is Christian targeting a different type of consumer?


Feb 16, 2009
Los Angeles, CA

I think I agree with you.....quality has gone down....I also think they are trying to widen their customer base......I have seen this happen with Jimmy Choo as well....back in the late 90 early 2000's Jimmy Choo's were very creative, and catered to a small audience...over time, the styles became more bland and since Tamarra Mellon sold the company, no longer as edgy as it used to be....sounds like Louboutin is going the same route, although I don't think Christian is selling the company....just reaching out for more customers...also, because of complaints of limited supply, they probably have increased production to many more shoemakers, and as such quality control is probably lacking...
Jul 12, 2009
UK-based, L.A.-bred
Sigh, yes and no. I don't mind that the company is widening its base, and now, with the introduction of nail polishes, diversifying further, but I don't like that the price has gone up/stayed the same while the quality of manufacture and design seems to have gone downhill too. Maybe I held CL in too high a regard by letting the company ride on the elegant laurels of Pigalle and Decollete. Oddly, a classic (old cut) Pigalle 120 in a deep color, or strassed, still makes me have to catch my breath a bit, but the most recent designs other than the classics (ie. past 3-4 years) has just seemed...meh? And don't get me started on Daffs. The old sea dragon design from the early 2000s or the Guinness can shoes from the 90s were at least whimsical, and I do like the laser-cut leather he's used in 2014. But, TBH, a lot of the designs are already looking dated to me.

As far as quality goes, my newest pair has traces of glue left in the sole, and paint overlap from the upper to the sole. Aside from the pet peeves, I can't speak much to quality because most of my pair are older styles I get new from ebay. Also, just having seen other TPFers pointing out QC issues has made me extra wary. So, I can't say I'm over CL, because I still think he makes the most beautiful stilettos in the world, but I can see why people are over it.


Red Soul
Mar 11, 2011
I've felt the same thing. I've been using this time to invest in older CL styles. I have also moved onto spending my money on other designers.


May 1, 2014
Oh yes, I hate the look of the lifted tips of the toe box the most. Grrrr :tdown:


Apr 30, 2014
Yeah totally agree with you all.

The shoes seem to lack the care and attention that you would associate with a luxury brand, as an example a couple of months ago i saw the apostrophy 85mm in nude in Selfridges and the sole was peeling away. I was seriously not impressed. For the amount customers pay you expect a pristine quality product.

Ok rant over



Dec 6, 2012
Agreed. Production has increased and new factories are being used. Quality is not as good. Some items used to be done by hand are now done by machine (ie spike) pik piks and strass are still done by hand. There's a lack of creativity spring '14 and fall '14. Which is fine cause my bank account needs a little break. Spring '15 has new items that are suppose to be pretty exciting, including more exotics.