Anyone notice a change in quality?

  1. On the heels of kim_mac's thread re: the handle issue on her new Kelly, I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in quality in recent years. In particular, the last year or so, which happens to coincide with the time period in which Hermes added quite a number of craftspeople to their staff.

    On two recent bags (J and K years) I've purchased directly from the stores, I had a crooked turnkey plate, and some pretty uneven, dare I say, messy, stitching (yes, I know it's hand-stitched, but it's still pretty tidy on older bags). Even DH noticed the funny stitching on the clochette of the K bag; his remark-"must have been a new craftsperson!"

    I'm curious; anyone else notice anything different, or did I just luck out in getting a newbie craftsperson two times in a row? :smile: My older bags just don't have these issues.
  2. OMG I thought I was the only one who went through this! My Black birkins back handle is kinda off. It seems higher then the front one. DH purchased it from our regular H boutique (his SA). I didnt want to complain about it to the manager just in case they become sensitive to my nagging. Its also a K stamped bag.
  3. ok, now i need to check on the bags i recently got......will report back later.
  4. orchids, definitely.

    My experiences:-
    1) My Rouge Imperiale GPT can wrinkly creases on the canvas which cannot be removed. The bag was returned to Paris
    2) The zipper pull on my Azap Long broke off. Sent back to Paris and the whole zipper was replaced. Can you imagine the work involved? I think they might as well give me a new one!
    3) The stitching around the turnlock hole of my Lindy has come off. I have yet to take it back to my store to have it resewed.
  5. I have not seen any change in quality in birkins, kellys, or bolides.
  6. my J stamped 35cm togo birkin...the craftman stamp and the year stamp you can barely see. I bought it knowing this. its very it from the boutique like that
  7. Yikes!
  8. Is nothing sacred anymore??? Unfortunately, I don't have any H purses to inspect, so I can't add anything constructive.
  9. I personally didn't notice any change in quality and craftmanship.
    I just bought a vision with zip agenda, and two bags (one J and the other K stamp), upon close inspection, all of these three pieces are absolutely perfect and flawless.
  10. I noticed the irregular stitching on the back of the straps on my Kelly flat (year K). It looks perfect on the front side but the back looks off. The shoulder/belt strap though looks perfect.

    I also noticed on a recent pm agenda in bj swift that I purchased that the line of stitching goes diagonal on the front side but on the back side it goes horizontal. I prefer that both sides have a diagonal stitching pattern. Probably it is easier to do the stitch where it is diagonal on one side and the reverse is horizontal. But I still prefer the same style of stitching done on the saddles and expect it too on other H leather items especially when you have contrast stitching.:sad:
  11. Very interesting
  12. orchids...I have no older Hermes items since Im a newbie but I think your right; there could be a slight increase in newer craftsmans thus...some unevenness in various parts of our bags/leather goods?

    Hmm...I Wonder if we should do a list of craftsmans ID (for all the crooked; odd stitching; fallen parts and see any patterns?)
  13. It's great hearing everyone's input; I thought it was just me.

    SP-LOL! Nope, it's not just you...seems as if there are a few of us with this issue.

    MrsS-Yikes! I remember the GPT episode. I agree, they should have just replaced your wallet. I hope they can quickly re-stitch the affected area on your Lindy; that bag is so wonderful!

    Jaegerhomme--the contrast stitching definitely makes any inconsistencies a lot more evident so I can understand why it would bother you.

    TT-glad to hear your recent pieces are perfect.

    Yorelica--that's a very good idea. Hmmm.....I'll have to check on mine in a bit. Yep, my bags from G, H, and I years are perfect. It's just the J and K ones that are a little off. Ugh, another thought, perhaps the craftsman's ID list would not be good for lurkers KWIM? Otherwise that would have been so very interesting to compile.
  14. My BJ HAC from Year J has a faint year stamp unless you know you are looking for J you can barely see it. The craftsman id is clearly marked. PM me if you want the craftsman id.
  15. Oh no:wtf: