Anyone NOT like outlet shopping?

  1. I know a lot of people here love the outlets. I sort of feel like a freak to say this, but I live by many outlets and don't shop at any.

    I have gone in many times for the hell of it and I feel like the bags are abused and just laying there (especially in Atlantic City). I can never bring myself to buy anything there.

    I know I probably waste a lot of money, but I get such enjoyment from shopping at the regular store.

    Am I the only freak who can't do the outlets?? Is there anyone who was picky like me, but then had a really good outlet find that broke them of it?
  2. I haven't ventured to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets but I did find one item at the Peddler's Village location that really made me excited, otherwise all I saw were made for factory items - I hope it doesn't make me a snob. I've also heard the peddler's location sometimes has some of the better left overs - can't wait to hear more about the philly location b/c it's only a 30 minute drive vs almost an hour to peddler's. I also have to say I'm not big into a lot of signature items, it has to be a certain way or I think it's gross which could be why I am not a fan of the outlets.
  3. I used to LOVE outlet shopping but now I find it rather grueling and not that enjoyable. And honestly I haven't had a lot of luck at the Coach outlet in Tulalip (Seattle premium outlets) hoo.
  4. for me its always a hit or a miss. sometimes i find really nice bags and at times i find nothing that is appealing.
  5. That is one of the main things that pisses me off about the AC outlets. They have a lot of items that never make it to the real shelf!

    One time they had TONS of this hideous plaid pattern that was like red, pink and green checkered. I didn't care how much of a discount it was, I wouldn't have paid a dollar for it.

    The other thing AC tends to do is have good bags in the one color no one wants, like lime green or something.
  6. Maybe its because you are so close to so many outlets? I am only semi-close to one outlet and its not signature. So the thought of getting to go to a signature outlet oneday is very exciting! But if it was right around the corner it might not feel as special and exciting.
  7. I've never heard good things about the ones in AC :sad:
  8. I don't go very often, but I do like to go. However before six months ago, I was a boutique only shopper. I like the small accessories that the outlets have, and sometimes you can find a jewel. I was thrilled when I got my turquoise Ergo tote there for less than half of what they were selling for at the boutique. I never go in expecting anything grand, so I am not disappointed.
  9. The two outlets closest to me are hit or miss. One of them usually only has made for factory items, but the other often has real gems - it had the French Purse Wallets there. It once had Legacy Hippie bags and turquoise ergos. Other times it has nothing worth mentioning. So I rarely make an effort to go there, but if I'm in the neighborhood I'll stop by.
  10. I'm much of an outlet shopper either. It's sort of like a sale rack... Sometimes, you can find something that is an absolute treasure. Most of the time it's the unloved and unwanted.

    The other thing I don't like about outlets is you're tempted to buy stuff you're not absolutely crazy about just 'cause you're getting a "good deal". I try to remember the mission statement when I'm at the outlets: You gotta love it or it's not worth it!

    I also would have to agree about the mob that is typically at the Coach outlet too. It's a predatory environment. The only time I've actually enjoyed being at the outlets is when they open in the morning.
  11. I love it! You really have to take your time and make a few passes because you never know what treasure will be hidden there. I have found boutique items with their dust bag still inside in perfect condition.
  12. My outlet only seems to get the factory exclusives and/or the colors that no one wanted. Basically all the stuff that doesn't really interest me. I've never seen a Legacy bag or an Ergo bag at my outlet.

    That being said, the outlet is good for charms, scarves, men's wallets, and other small leather accessories. I got my DH's wallet for Christmas there, along with my Gemini charm and a ponytail scarf.

    I'm closer to the boutique than the outlet so I shop at the boutiques more often.
  13. I'm not close to either an outlet or a boutique, but my parents live in driving distance of both. The Williamsburg outlet is sometimes hit-or-miss, but the Nags Head, NC, outlet is one of my favorite places on earth!! There is also a boutique in Norfolk, but I don't go in there too much.
  14. I :heart: the outlet, almost more than the store. I think they offer some great bargains...
  15. I have sadly never gone outlet shopping,but plan on going to a Coach outlet outside of Pittsburgh when I'm working full time in the summer.