Anyone not feeling the Dentelle line??

  1. So i was at the casino just now and this lady with a dentelle speedy was walking past me and i thought it wasn't that nice. Lols. Maybe its because she's wearing a print dress that made it too busy. IMO, the lace and the monogram just made it look tacky and busy at the same time. Don't flame me, it's just my opinion. =) Some people might like the line, hell, based on this forum, i can assume a lot of people :love: this line. Well, just wanna know if anyone is not feeling the line as i am?? :smile:
  2. I don't like it.
  3. for me, it depends on which bag in the dentelle line. most of them i'm not a fan of but i do like the fersen. i think what you wear really dictates how you show off this line.
  4. not totally feeling it....couple of pieces are growing on me
  5. Everyone has different opinions, of course. For me, the more "stuff" on a bag, the better. :nuts: lol. However, others are thrilled with a plain mono speedy or BH. It just depends on the individual's taste. I, frankly prefer "dressin gaudy" (the name of a boutique in my home town) to dressing plain. Is that wrong? I don't think so. Yeah, I just love Dentelle. :wlae:
  6. I AM feeling it. I have the kirsten and the speedy in silver. I wear mostly neutrals and no prints so the line is perfect for me.
  7. Yes, I think it depends on what you wear. I think it looks fab with neutrals. I don't have anything from the line, but I always say....never say never. I never thought I'd like the patchwork speedy, but I LOVE it!
  8. give it time it'll grow on you!
  9. It's not my favorite either. . . But, I can appreciate how it would look fabulous on other people!
  10. I'm not a lacy, frilly kind of gal. So it's just not my personal style.
  11. I have to admit I just don't care for it. It honestly reminds me of either Morticia Adams (Adams Family) or like someone literally got caught in a spider web. (Don't flame me - the OP asked if there were others who don't care for it). I imagine some people really like it - and that's great too - might look okay with something totally plain (like a linen outfit). I'll reserve judgment until I see someone that really is able to "rock it." The one person I saw in real life with a dentelle - hmm - it just looked kind of odd somehow. Sorry!
  12. I don't really like it either. Just isn't "me."
  13. I dont really care for the dentelle line either, but I did see a girl a fews days ago that pulled it off pretty well. Handbags are a way of showing your personal style and since this is something that is always gradually changing I try to keep an open mind.
  14. I pesonally loved it since it came out. I appreciate your honest opinion.
  15. i really liked it at first, but then i went to try on the speedy in gold and i couldn't get myself to love it enough to buy it.

    i may end up getting a ludlow instead.