Anyone NOT a fan of denim? Denim ban?

  1. I'm curious: are there any ladies or gents out there who refuse to wear jeans? I have lived in denim since high school, to the point where I practically wear nothing else. But I'm so TIRED of it, I've been tired of it for years. I mean, the pros of denim are that jeans are easy to care for and you don't have to have a very precise fit (good for me, who at any size has more booty than most trousers account for). They are also very forgiving to weight gain and loss. But I don't think that they look especially good on me, and I frankly am beginning to think that they don't really flatter most people (though many people look fabulous in jeans, I think that they could look equally or more fab in trousers or skirts). So I'm trying to get out of's my plan...

    I'd like to make next year my "denim ban," at least try it for a semester (winter into spring). If I can make it work I'll stretch it out to a year. I'm starting now because I want to lose some weight (and need to save some money) to make it happen. Those of you who stay away from jeans - what else do you wear? I have a job that allows for casual dress, so I'm looking for more casual clothing. What should I be thinking about buying? Am I going to have to spend a fortune on dry cleaning? Hopefully not!
  2. I totally agree with you. Most jeans just seem to look the same to me....
    I wear a lot of black jeans or jeans with some sort of print or color. I think it makes them look a little less casual and stand out more.

    You could also look into basic cotton or linen pants. Most of the time they're machine washable : )
  3. I never wear jeans. They never look quite right on my chunky frame.
  4. i only have one pair of jeans that i wear with any regularity, and that's only so i can wear babydoll tops (they're skinnies). other than that, it's only skirts and dresses for me, they just look a lot more put together and they're actually a lot more comfortable.