Anyone Need Keys?

  1. I have an extra set of keys for a Louis Vuitton lock that I don't need. I had the lock on my luggage and when my bag went through customs they cut the lock so now I have no use for the keys.

    The number on the keys is 305 so if anyone has a lock to match and would like the keys just PM me and I'll mail them to you!!
  2. :sad: I need a set for 306!!!:hysteric:
  3. They did what? :cursing: I'd be sooo mad!
  4. I have a 306 but only one key. Can these be made at a hardware store ?
  5. Yeah I was REALLY ticked off but there's nothing I can do. Customs is allowed to do whatever they want and there's nothing we can do about it.
  6. Funny key story . . . my dad asked me for my keys and I dug through my Speedy and handed him the Speedy keys. My dad goes, "No! Not THOSE keys! Give me YOUR keys!"
  7. They are able to open certain locks with what they have only so if it's not something that they can open with their tools, they have to cut it open. I think I remember this is why some ladies do not use the LV lock. I can't remember if I read it here or somewhere else.
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I do not need them.
  9. OMG my friend has that lock number...but she lost her keys when she lost her wallet:sad: are you selling them or giving them away??because i can take them off your hands lol :smile: