Anyone need a Zucca Spy?

  1. Oh good god..please dont tell me this...PHH has me on a very SHORT spending leash! SOB!!
  2. hmm that stock picture is of a fake spy, if you actually do buy it, and it comes with zucca like that its fake.
  3. That's not true. It looks like a genuine spy and I've seen it in Zucca. Why do you say it is fake?
  4. OH, I meant with Zucca all around. The Auth Fendi Spys in Zucca have leather sides with Zucca in the middle and tortuga handles.
  5. I am sure that I have seen a Zucca spy like the one in the picture in Fendi....
  6. But they DO make spys in full Zucca! What you mean is just one design. I thought you meant the one in the photo is a fake.
  7. that's the one I'm looking for, the one that's leather and zucca with the tortuga handles. I saw one at the airport and it was gorgeous. If anyone sees one in large please let me know.

  8. Bloomingdales has about a million of them. So do a bunch of Fendi boutiques. They are not hard to find. call Fendi and they can locate one for you
  9. They make Spys with FULL Zucca? I thought the only one they made with Zucca on the outside had leather sides to it.. Sorry then.
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