Anyone need a scarf tying book? Let's have a raffle!

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  1. I got an extra one from Lisa Hamlin, the fabulous SA Jag introduced me to, around Christmas time this year. It went to my mom, but she gave it back because she has no large scarves to use and said I should give it to someone on here. So we're going to do a raffle! If you're interested in the scarf tying book, just drop a reply here and let me know, and on Wednesday after work I'll have my SO randomly pick a number. Whoever's post corresponds with that number wins! Then you can send me your address and I'll post the book out to you.

    Hope this is okay with the mods! Have fun ladies!

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. If this is okay with the forum mods, I would love to enter. Just got my first Hermes scarf and need ideas on how to wear it!
  3. :smile: Well, this should help you! You should post pics of your scarf too! :yes: :tup:
  4. Hey, I'd like to enter too! I could use a book like that. (No H store near where I live!)
    Here's my "newest, oldest" scarf given to me by my wonderful Sis this Christmas.

    "Kimonos et Inros"
  5. I'll throw my hat into the ring! I have been wanting a set of those, but think the prices on eBay are ridiculous!
  6. Sign me up! I can always use some guidance for things like this.
  7. i'd love to enter too...:smile:
  8. Lucky number 8 (for Asians anyway)!! I would love to enter!!! (Is it alright if it's for my mom??)
  9. Can I enter, too? Winning the book would be the perfect excuse for getting my first H scarf. I didn't know there were so many ways to tie a scarf until I stumbled upon the "how to"-thread, it was an eyeopener.
  10. Pick me! Pick me!!
  11. count me in....thanks for the raffle
  12. I don't have a Hermes scarf yet, just two twilly... can I be qualified?
    If I can, please count me in too...

    I was actually waiting for the #13 spot, that's one of my lucky number!
    Thank you for the offer~!!
  13. Please include me! I bought one on eBay for my mom, but she lives a few hours away so I would love one for myself. You are so sweet for doing this!
  14. Eeek! I just bought my first scarf (and have been meaning to post all my new goodies but can't locate my camera charger!!) and asked for a scarf book or cards to go along with it. My SA was busy and new, so he gave me a handful of books, none of which had anything to do with scarves. While all the websites are helpful, I def. wouldn't mind having this. You are awesome! No matter who wins, thanks for paying it fwd!
  15. RBB ~ It The Sweetest!!!!!!!:love:

    ***Don't Include Me.....^I Just Wanted To Say That