Anyone need a Louis Vuitton Monogram Mah-jong set?

  1. I was at the Palo Alto LV yesterday and saw an LV Mah-jong set. Price was $2700. The SA told me that it was specially made for an event that they had (equestrian something) and they also had a special equestrian trunk. The Mah-jong set had leather trays for the tiles and a special tray for the east-west-north-south tiles. It was really nice! The tiles in the set were green but the SA said that it was for display and they could get nicer ones if requested. I wish I could take a picture but wasn't allowed to...... :crybaby:

    Then my SA came over and told me my mom's SO Damier Cabas Piano is arriving in a month!!! :yahoo: I can't wait to give it to her!
  2. ohhh a Mah-jong set!? It sounds beautiful, maybe I should go check it out...

    Can't wait till your mom's SO cabas piano is ready! what a great gift!
  3. Oooh, I love playing mahjong!! 2 of my faves coming together, LV and mahjong :wlae:
  4. i'm a mahjong freak too :nuts:!
  5. What is it?
  6. it's a Chinese game that uses engraved tiles for cards.
  7. A mah-jong set? I need to check that out. My mom :heart: mah-jong:P
  8. I just thought of something...I'm so stupid...I should have taken a picture with my camera phone....but I was the only customer in the store, and the SAs were standing around so it would have been too obvious. I wish it was crowded in there so people were distracted!

    The number for LV in Palo Alto is 650.328.2801 and whoever decides to get this, please take pictures! :nuts:
  9. a Mahjong set? that's awesome!
    i bet all the moms who play mahjong would LOVE to get their hands on a set! :wlae:
  10. Wow.. That is awesome!! But my mom would KILL me if I bought it for her... LOL
  11. my friend has a "fake" that thing shines too much when we play mahjong with the mahjong light above...the gold glitters in our eyes...and all we see is "LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV LV"..(u get the point)
  12. How cool is that?!? :wlae: I'm sooo checking this out when I go in this week! Thanks for the heads up!:flowers:
  13. Took a picture off a Japanese limited editions/ special orders catalogue that I have.
    Pls excuse that dirty fingernail, but it ain't mine! :P
    LV mahjong set.jpg
  14. I would definately love that!
  15. Ooh pretty! I wish my store got in good stuff like that (to look at anyway.)