Anyone need a Chanel laptop/briefcase bag?

  1. Ummmmm so tempting LOL
  2. I need a good laptop case. That could be my answer. Thanks.
  3. I had actually bought it from bluefly about a month ago, and send it back really quick... Its not roomy at all, and you cannot carry the bag on your shoulders (too small of a handle). I cant imagine having to walk around carrying something heavy with no shoulder support. It looks nicer in the picture also. Also, since its not leather, but nylon I dont think it would have held up very good for the money.
  4. Looks like the Pink Chanel tote has just been sold (or in someones basket). Yea, I was really disappointed in the carrying case once I received it because it just looked so cute and practical.... If it had an attaching shoulder strap I would have probably kept it, but I would be so afraid that is would start fringing if I put something heavy in it