anyone makes own costume jewellery?

  1. Just curious. Do you guys make your own costume jewellery/ accessories?

    Think it's more fun and costs less to make own jewellery instead of buying them from shops. Besides, I keep changing the necklace and bracelet etc I wear everyday to match my clothes. :nuts:

    Here's one of my humble creations. :shame: :shame: Hope you guys pardon my untidy work, I am still learning. Thank you.
    stardust close up 1.jpg
  2. That is so cute! I would proudly wear that around my neck. I don't make my own jewelry though, I'm just not crafty at all. :[
  3. I love to do bead work. So I've taken lots of loose beads, mostly large chunks of natural stone, i.e. cherry quartz, turquoise and string them into necklaces.
  4. I make (beaded) jewelry, too. Right now I am wearing earrings, bracelet and a ring that I made. :smile: Usually, I don't wear any of my stuff. I love working with semi-precious beads and pearls. I have lots of pics, but still haven't figured out how to post them...
  5. I used to do beaded jewelry. I stopped when I went to college.
  6. i don't make my own.... but orangetree, that's so pretty!!!!
  7. I do make but I also own a number of trollbeads...........