Anyone Make Their Own Liqueur?

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  1. So this is a new hobby that I've picked up over the last few months. Right now I'm aging a couple lemoncello variations, limecello, prickly pear, plum, peach, cinnamon, grapefruit, and fig liqueurs. I started blueberry a couple of weeks ago and rhubarb the other night. I'm just doing small batches right now to see what works best, then I'm planning to make a couple of large batches to bottle for Christmas gifts.

    Has anyone else made their own liqueur? Any tips/tricks/recipes to share? I'm having so much fun doing it. So far from my taste tests the prickly pear and grapefruit are my favorites.
  2. I make a kind of grappa with a local alcoholic drink (very similar to grappa) + strawberries + sugar. I put everything together in a plastic empty water bottle and leave it out on the sun for a few weeks. When the taste is right I transfer the strawberry liqueur to a glass carafe and keep it in the fridge. I tried it with cherries and apricots too , with great results. Still I prefer strawberries.
  3. That sounds amazing! I wanted to do some strawberry but we're at the tail end of the season here so they aren't that great right now. It'll go on the list for next year!
  4. Yes, unfortunately you need seasonal good organic strawberries with a lot of flavor and fragrance for this one.