Anyone make their own handbags??

  1. I was wondering if anyone makes their own handbags for a hobby, and if you do, where do you get your materials, like frames, handles, etc.?
  2. i remember, a long time ago when we had a neighbor who worked in a tanning company...he used to bring me home leather and suede samples and i'd make my own bags...i think that we, on the purse forum, would be the BEST bag designers around...we know what work and what doesn't and i'm sure there'd be a great prototype to come out of here!
  3. I just joined the forum this evening hoping to see a thread with this topic! Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and have an infinative addiction when it comes to shoes and handbags, but am frustrated by a couple things: excessive cost and brand name flashing. I won't buy Chanel, Gucci, or even my love, Jimmy Choo for handbags because I just refuse to be a walking advertisment! I've been searching for the perfect clutch and tote for what feels like..well entirely too long, to find what I want and it's just not happening.
    So, (not to keep rambling on) after researching some of the not as well known designers that I admire for their entrepreneur-like feel and great style, that I could do this too-- why not!
    I found a great site:
    They have a wide range of different leathers as well as all the tool to make a handbag with! They are very helpful and are willing to send samples in the mail so you know what you are getting.
    Hope this site might be of some help!

  4. I used to hand sew my own cute iPod cases, but it took a long time and was a lot of work. I even sold some to people that saw them and thought they were cute.

    Other than that, I think I lack the skills to make my own handbag. :biggrin:

  5. Thats awesome, I've been looking to buy leather to make a carry on travel tote to my exact specs and looking everywhere for this bag and not finding it I'm going to make it.
  6. My sister is a knitting fool. She makes all kinds of wacky and crazy and beautiful things, and has her own website where which she sells these things. She also makes what are called "felted handbags". Not at all my style, but if you like handmade bags, there you go. They look sort-of like hippie hobos to me...
  7. I wish I were that talented!
  8. Wow, I also joined the purse forum recently because I always become obsess with handbags that do not exist!! or that do and I'm too late to attain...

    I've made some of my own with vintage linens, up-holsery, canvas and vintage handles off of eBay. (couple of weeks ago they had a 1930s bronze frame with a mime hand painted and carved, wow).

    Anyway, I'm glad J's Girl joined and shared that link with us. I'm making my own gigantic blue bag!!! Thank you!!!:yahoo:I'll make sure to share with ya'll for a proper bag design critique.

    Well, to answer the original poster, you can get handles at Michael's or other craft stores, you can buy vintage bags and take the frames or handles, etc.
  9. I make my own bags out of cotton / canvas. You can buy a lot of things like closures, zippers and ribbons in sewing stores.

    Otherwise, eBay has quite a few sellers that sell handles etc.
  10. Thanks ladies for you awesome advice!!! I'm feeling a blue theme here, because that's exactly what I want -a blue leather purse!! Good idea about getting frames and from eBay or using old bags.

    I've already bookmarked the link, amelie, thanks bunches. I did go to a fabric store yesterday-not a lot a fabric I like, but found something simple I plan to embleish. Good luck everyone with your projects!!:tup:
  11. I knit and felt bags. I used to feel the same way as a poster above did about "hippie hobos" and have always preferred a more structured bag. Recently though, I found a carpet bag type pattern and have made several sizes of felted carpet bags. I purchase leather handles and the other parts (snaps, bag feet, etc) from sites on the net. I also use plastic to structure the bag and keep its' shape. Once lined with a nice suede or brocade upholstery fabric, they really are quite nice.

    I won't give up my designer bags, but my homemade ones keep me busy.
  12. Does anyone remember Pappagallo purses? They were reversible covers that buttoned onto wood or plastic handles (I had both). My Mom made me and my sisters the cutest covers. I've made tote bags out of Capri Sun pouches, lol! Does that count? I love to do crafty sewing and have thought about making my own bag. I just haven't done it.
  13. I make my own leather handbags.

    If you'd like more info, I can forward you a bunch of links for suppliers and stores. But a lot of them are located in NYC.
  14. Ohh this has made me think....

    I have this gorgeous gucci red leather skirt - fabulous leather and color - but it is ruined with a tear at the bottom... I have been thinking for ways to 'customize' it and integrate the tear...

    But this thread has inspired me to take another look at it - and I think that I could turn it into a hobo purse..... do you think that that would be sacrilegious?
  15. would be fun to make a canvas tote or something with my favorite quotes, pics, etc...

    Now this thread has got me feeling all creative!!! :p