Anyone Mail Christmas Cards Any More?


How do you send Christmas Greetings?

  1. Via Internet

  2. Mail Christmas Cards

  3. Both

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. We are now at the internet age. Instead of mailing cards, I find it convenient (and money-saving) to email Christmas greetings to friends and families. Sometimes, I can include some update and family photos. Wonder if you still mail Christmas cards any more?
  2. I've never sent Xmas cards either way.
  3. Me neither.
  4. I used to mail them every year, but I didn't bother last year, and probably won't do it again.
  5. I love sending Christmas cards. I am notalgic and I still like sending actual mail to people, hopefully they enjoy getting it!
  6. Most definitely!

    It's a Christmas tradition that I will always make time for! I love to receive them, as well! There's just something about a hand-written card that makes the holiday season that much more special.
  7. I mail Christmas cards every year and I include a letter as well. Maybe my friends and family are lying to me, but they tell me they love getting my annual letters!
  8. I still prefer to mail my Christmas cards and to receive cards by mail too! :smile:
    It just seems more tangible to hold a card and brings a sense of togetherness for the holidays.
  9. I would not email a wedding invitation either. Saving money is not an issue for me. Can't put a price on the good feeling someone gets when receiving actual mail with a letter. Sometimes its not about the money.
  10. I mail a few out, but I'm still in school and see most of my friends regularly, so I hand deliver most of my Christmas cards. But getting a real Christmas card in the mail really makes my day, I love getting something around the holidays that's personal!
  11. I love mailing Christmas Cards out. I personally love receiving them and placing them on the mantel.
  12. ^^ me too!

    I'll admit I normally lazy about it so I may skip a year... two! But when I'm in the mood, I really like to send them.
  13. I just received one in the mail from a friend yesterday. I suppose some people still are. Also, where I work, we have a photo lab, and surprisingly, we sell thousands.
  14. I did this year with a picture because my BF and I just got another puppy so I wanted my family/friends to see him. I usually like to send cards in the mail, makes me really get into the spirit.

    I don't think I would ever e-mail cards, it takes the fun out of the season!
  15. I mailed some today, actually. And I really love receiving them!