Anyone love Sundance?

  1. I have a nice collection of Sundance handbags and I just love their catalog. I could go broke if I bought all I loved in their most recent catalog. Anyone else love Sundance too?
  2. I've never heard of them. Where are they sold?
  3. The website is They have amazing belts, handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry and I could go on and on.....
  4. I LOVE their jewelry! Their bags are nice looking too, but I'm gun-shy of buying anything I haven't seen IRL. I think one of the bags (the hobo with the big pockets that sort of wrap around) is an Ellington.
  5. I like Sundance. I get their catalog and have seen a few things that I would love to have.
  6. I love the Sundance bags, get the catalogs on a regular basis, have for years. Which bags do you have? Photos please! And which is your favorite?
  7. I am embarrassed to say I think I have about 17 of their bags. My favorite are Mira Bag, Sydney Sling Bag in Red, Allessandra Bag, Ready to Roll, Via Veneto Tote, Pointe Vecchio Bag, Riviera Backpack, Allie Tote, and Ring Bag. I have others I like I just can't remember the names right now. I really like their outlet because the bags go on sale.
  8. I once ordered a leather jacket from them that I liked a lot!
  9. I bought a chocolate lamb leather jacket from Sundance and it's gorgeous. That was after looking everywhere and not finding what I wanted.
  10. Awesome catalog, I always admire it but I've never actually made a purchase. I love the jewlery, shoes, and bags featured in here!
  11. Shoeguru, How do you like the Sydney Sling? I ordered that last spring but returned it. It seemed kind of big to me.
  12. I like it alot. A medium sized sling/handbag. Nice leather. I think its well made. I have it in red but black would be nice too.