Anyone lose their debit card in the mail?

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  1. I have not lost 1 but 2 debit cards (I have 2 accts with the same bank). The one I've been solely dependent on has already expired...I've been needing a new one for a while! And when I finally call up my bank, they told me that they sent out both already a while back! :rolleyes:

    Now I know that when you activate your cards the bank operators need to ask personal information to verify it is actually the cardholder. Nothing has happened to me and no one has activated the "lost" cards (yet), but I can't help but be worried! :shrugs: Any advice?
  2. Go to your bank and tell them what happened. My friend needed a replacement debit and the one they sent never arrived so she went in and they resent it and she got that one.
  3. Sorry, I don't have any specific advice for your situation, only general advice.

    In law school I learned that debit card laws protect the issuers. Should something go wrong, the burden of proof is on you, the cardholder.

    Credit cards are the opposite, most of the laws protect the consumer. That's why it is so easy to call up and do a chargeback.

    My law professor gave some good advice, never get a debit card.
  4. Weird! Can you ask your bank to send it certified mail or some other trackable method? Do you have a PO that a restriction with the bank somehow?
  5. Well, I called already and I'll have to wait until Thursday (because it takes 5-7 business days for the cards to lame, but that's what the operator told me), then call back and tell them I haven't received it.

    Pursegrrl - I'll ask them about tracking, thanks for the tip!

    I don't know how I cannot get a debit card; my bank sends them periodically. It's pretty impossible for me to not have one, esp. when I need to withdraw money asap.
  6. I recently did the same thing, sorta... I have a really really bad habit of throwing out mail that looks like "JUNK" mail...and my bank sends out their cards in blank envelopes with only a return address. Smart, obviously, that way someone wouldn't be able to guess what was inside. I've mistakenly thrown out 2 new cards this way. I didn't pay attention to when my card was expiring, so I wasn't looking for it either.... ooops!!
  7. That's happened to me when I first opened my checking account. I just call them up and tell them I haven't recieved my card and they cancel that one and send out a new one.
  8. OK, hopefully I'm just overreacting. :sweatdrop: I was supposed to receive one weeks ago, while the other one was supposedly "mailed" within this week. Gah! Let's just hope that the 2 for both my accts. arrive.
  9. My mom did. We called the bank, they canceled it and she got a new one.
  10. :yahoo: One of my debit cards came! Now just have to wait for the other, official "lost" one...
  11. I have had my debt card and entire wallet stolen or lost five times! Its such a PITA! One time i was walking and my debt card fell out of my bag (i had it in a side pocket for easy acess) and a woman ran after me and gave it back to me. I thanked her like a million times!
  12. I haven't exactly lost my debit card in the mail, but just as bad, my idiot bank sent out 18 debit cards to me...all with the same info and account number on them, all within about three days!!!! I was livid!!! Of course, they could't account for why that happened, but that was 18 chances of identity theft just floating around out there because they couldn't tell me how many more there were out there. We since closed out account with those doofuses.