Anyone looking to adopt a beautiful stray in Philadelphia?

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  1. I rescued the most beautiful cat (I think male, I think at least a year old) yesterday, and drove all over the creation looking for a shelter for him (I can't have any more pets in my apartment). Most either turned me away immediately or offered to take him but told me he'd be put down within 24 hours. I found one that will keep him for at least three days, so I'm desperate to find him a home.

    If anyone is interested, please PM me. My heart is just breaking.

    *Mods, if this is inappropriate, please close the thread.*
  2. I wish I still lived in the area..and that my daughter and husband were not allergic to cats. I would take her in a second.
  3. You are an angel for trying so hard to find this kitty a home! I wish I could help. I am praying for you!
  4. I PM'ed. Please read and get back to me!
  5. Awwww..I am thinking of getting my kitty a friend to play with and I sooo wish that I lived close to you. I am all the way in California, but would have taken him in a heartbeat! That is so sweet of you to help him out! Good Luck!
  6. Hope you manage to find a home for that poor cat. If not, is it possible to have someone foster him for a while? Bless you for trying to help him!
  7. well done, chakakhan-- blessings on you!

    i hope katsbags PM has a home for this kitty. i'm a little over an hour from you in NJ and may be able to help as a last resort -- I'm on a farm and have two farm cats, and i would be perfectly happy to have another -- but i think territory issues make it a bit difficult to introduce a new adult male to two other adult males, and i'd hate for anybody to get hurt or run away.
  8. Thank you all for your kind words! KatsBags is passing the info along to her friend, and I've put the word out to everyone I know!
  9. Any updates, please?
  10. If you can't find someone to take her it might be worth giving this adoption group a call. I don't know if they are accepting cats right now but it doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck.
  11. You are so sweet! I'm in Michigan with two beagles, so can't help you there, haha. But please let us know how it goes. Got my fingers crossed for you and the cat!