Anyone looking forward to Devil Wears Prada?


Are you looking forward to TDWP?

  1. YES!!!!!!

  2. yeah, but not as elated as you ya freak (hehe)

  3. hmm....a little, perhaps

  4. No

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  1. I read the book and loved it- hopefully the movie will be great too! :love: I'm can't wait to see it on opening day- btw, to all of you who got to go to a preview, I hate you- lol! The only preview I've ever seen was the Bourne Supremacy, which gave me vertigo with all those camera angles. Geez, I feel like such a geek- almost Star Trek level. But, to those of you interested, I found a couple of good video clips from the movie- and I think Giselle Bundchen is in one of them.
  2. I read the book too. Nice book to pass the time. I'll be looking forward to watching this movie when it comes out.
  3. I am waiting for it too, but none of my friends want to go with me. So that means I have to go by myself!
  4. I Can't Wait!!!! :smile:
  5. Yes.
  6. If I didn't have a huge project coming up, I would say we should organize a PF field trip to go see the movie! That would be so fun :graucho:
  7. I am planning a night out with my fashion-crazy friends to see the movie this Friday!!!! I can't wait! I hope it's VERY good!!!!
  8. I just read the book & :heart: it! Hope to see it soon but since we have 2 little girls, movies out are rare!!:yes:
  9. Yes!!! im dying to see it!! . Its funny how everyone in the movie is saying how it isnt about Anna Winotour (sp).My dad works at Conde Nast,and everyone there complains about her!
  10. I loved the book so I can't wait to go see it.
  11. looking forward to watching it.... heard so many things about the book.. but unfortunately, never read the book coz it wasn't making it to my book list.. hehe
  12. Read the book and when I heard that it was coming out, I freaked out =) but of course, none of my friends understand.
  13. I can't wait to see what fashions Pat Field put together for this movie!!
  14. Has anyone gotten the purse designed by her? I've seen for sale on eBay, and it's gone for over $100... (I think it retails at about $70)
  15. My friend use to carry the bag around with her and I never knew what it was about. However, when I saw the trailer-I can't wait to see it!