Anyone looking for...

  1. I just got home from Saks NYC. Here's just some of what they had...
    Modern Chain white Hobo
    Python large tote-MAGNIFICANT!!! $6500.00
    Diamond stitch black flap $1650
    Madamoiselle tote in black
    Red and Coral EW
    Brown outdoor ligne petit shopper
    Ultimate soft in baby blue, and another color
    A sueded tote (don't know the name) in black, brown and cream
    A piece of luggage that I hadn't seen before
    Plenty of the different ligne wallets and lots of GORGEOUS jewels...

    Sorry I'm not more specific my DH and kids were not to happy to be there, but I was...Will post pix soon.
    If anyone needs these things, please call my SA Joseph at (212)940-4347. He'll be more than happy to elaborate.
  2. Sorry-I was alittle overwhelmed, there was also two pink caviar totes.
  3. ^^thank you ada!
  4. a red e/w? really? in caviar?
  5. I saw that Python Tote at the boutique yesterday also and I usually do not care for skins but ... WOW :drool:

    too bad I don't have an extra 6500 bucks layin around! :p
  6. I think the red E-W is the perforated one, and the coral one is the E-W flap from the Mademoiselle line.....not the classics. Those two pieces have been at Saks NYC Chanel for a while already (at least these past couple of weeks).
  7. I am looking for a ultimate soft. Could you post the pictures of those? Thx!
  8. Unfortunately, I didn't take pix ling. Sorry.You can search it and pix will come up. They had the ones with the flap.
  9. :love:
  10. are you sure it was ultimate soft that you saw, not the new sombrero bags?
  11. Takeout, if you post a pix of the sombero I can tell you which I saw..I tried to search and can't find it. The bag I saw was extra delicate and had a flap. The cc was raised on the corner of the flap. They had two colors. Maybe someone can help me figure it out...
  12. thanks ada. can you please describe the maidemoselle tote?
  13. Crazy4- Do a search for Madamoiselle ...It will give you details and a pix.