Anyone looking for this Daphne?

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    I forgot to mention if anyone is looking for this Daphne (style #6677, canvas with white patent leather trim), there were 2 at my outlet last time I went and they were in the clearance section (which is an extra 40% off for the 4th of July).

    If you're interested in requesting a transfer, their number is 850 650 2884. This is the outlet located in (San) Destin, FL.
  2. thanks for the info!
  3. There was one in Lancaster, PA today too....but they were only marked an additional 20%.
  4. omg that one is so outlet only had 1 of the black one that was 179.00 w/ an additional 20% off. I tried it on..I really love the look of it but not the way it opened like a doctors case.
  5. ^ Was it the black leather one!?
  6. my outlet had 1 all black all leather one...and I bought it! But it was like $391 after the discounts.
  7. Do you think its still there? If it is and its the leather one, can I have the number to your outlet, I would transfer it over in a heartbeat!
  8. It was really unnoticable it was on the very top shelf where no one can reach. It was the all black leather one. But I don't have the direct number to Coach it's not listed on the outlets website b/c it's fairly new but the premium outlets main number is (703) 737-3071. Good luck hopefully they have it still.
  9. Premium Outlets? The website or is that what your outlets are called? LOL Sorry, I'm so new at this :shame: I'm guessing the outlet is located in VA judging from the area code. I just dont want to call and not know what to ask for. Which reminds me, I need to find the serial number. .
  10. That I can help with since I just bought the all black leather Daphne...
    On my creed is: G05S-3569
  11. ^ Thanks shelbell!
  12. Do you guys know if they charge you to transfer?
  13. Nope...didn't know you could do that til I heard people saying it on here!
  14. I REALLY want to buy the daphne, but i've called a couple outlets and they won't transfer it to a store near me, or ship it to me. Unfortunatly the outlet stores near me don't have any in stock. Does anyone know how to talk them into shipping the bag to me?
  15. ^ Oh no! Thats terrible! Did they give a reason for why they wont transfer? Did you try calling my outlet? If they still have it maybe I can talk them into transferring it to the outlet near you.