Anyone looking for the shoulder/clutch? Saks GC today

  1. has them and today you get back a $50 gc. Hope this helps someone. I couldn't resist. Bought a black one. My husband is going to kill me.:rolleyes:
  2. Pictures!!!????
  3. OMG lol I can't believe my post is influencing so many people :biggrin: I love that black shoulder/clutch, just got it few days ago too! And $50 back in GC is not bad at all... CONGRATS Z&J!!!!:love: Just tell your DH that it's a clutch, so it doesn't count (at least that's what I'm trying to make myself believe lol)
  4. I'll try that hatikuh! I have been wanting something very small like my LV pochette that I can throw inside another bag so If I'm not out w./ the kids I can just carry what I need and not the kitchen sink. Think this will solve that problem. Thanks for posting:yes:
  5. Thanks for the scoop Z&J. I never thought to ask the Saks SA's about a Bal clutch/shoulder but they are soo cute. Do you know what other colors they had in it and which Saks (Connecticut?). Oh and... Congrats on your new black Clutch/Shoulder!! :smile:
  6. I love it!!! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats! I think they're really cute.:amuse:
  8. Congrats! Cool deal on the $50 GC, too!:heart:
  9. Ok I think the Purse gods are trying to tell me something. The clutch came today and it's not the correct one. I described the bag to the SA the same SA that told me she had an Ink Twiggy and then sent me an Ink First. I'm so dissapointed. Needless to say I will not be shopping with her any longer.
  10. Oh no, Z&J! What did she send you instead?
  11. It's just a flat clutch or foldover type of bag. I asked her 5 times if it had a wrist strap/ shoulder strap and she said yes and she's still saying yes. There's NO STRAP of any kind. ???????
  12. hey Z&J - just wanted to let you know that i've move this thread/post into here!!! you've found a great buy!!! just thought i'd move it into here... i seriously wish i lived in the States... then i could buy more b-bags and b-bag related stuff and roll around in it all day!!! :wlae: